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Venice Biennale, now, in its 80th edition, it has always guaranteed great emotions and important cinematic visions. This edition contains titles such as Priscilla From Sofia Coppola, Ljubo From George Wrights, Murderer From David Fincher, El Conde From Pablo Larrain.

Waiting for new visions Netflix allows you to appreciate several cinematic wonders of past releases Biennale.

Waiting for Venezia80: Movies on Netflix

White noise (N. Baumbach, 2022)

Based on the novel of the same name by Don DeLillo. White noise From Baumbach is a metaphor for what happened in American homes in the first months of 2020. Film opened Festival Venice 2022with white noise, which is not relaxing, but full of chaos.

80s, Jack and Baba, played respectively Adam Driver AND Greta Gerwig, I am a couple with four children who seem to lead normal daily lives. However, a constant fear of death hovers around them. Each interpreter talks about this fear and the consequences of his choice in different ways. An analysis of family relationships through which the film shows the viewer various scenarios to guide him in the direction of interpretation. The only possible warning is not to give up.

Below is an overview.

“White Noise” – a lot of white noise from Baumbach.

Bardo, false chronicle of some truths (A. Inarritu, 2022)

A gripping, epic and visually stunning experience set during the intimate and touching journey of Silverio, a well-known Mexican journalist and documentary maker based in Los Angeles. It’s about the movie Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Bardo, false chronicle of some truths, attend Venice Film Festival 2022. A film about a frenzy of memories and fears, littered with emotion and laughter, the protagonist Silverio, forced to return to his homeland, will face a deep existential crisis, creating a struggle to find answers to existential, universal, but intimate questions about his life. personality, success, the fragility of life, the history of Mexico and the deep sentimental bonds he shares with his wife and children. A story about being human.

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The Bardo is too false a chronicle of Iñárritu.

Athena (R. Gavras, 2022)

Athena is the name of the area where the events of the story of revenge, crime and tension take place, the scene for several tragedies. The protagonist Abdel, a soldier returning home, has to face the mysterious death of one of his brothers. Seeking revenge, Abdel is forced to calm the growing tensions in the area, but the situation worsens and Athena becomes a real besieged fortress. First of Athena took place in September 2022 on the occasion of Venice Film Festival.

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“Athena” Pure adrenaline, signed by Romain Gavras

Blonde (TO. Dominic2022)

Based on the 1999 novel of the same name.Joyce Carol Oatesfreely narrates some fragments of the life of the actress Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas plays her in the movie Andrey DomiNick, submitted to the competition Venice Film Festival last year. Blending reality and fiction, the film explores the tension between the diva’s public and private lives, highlighting their fragility. Indeed, after a difficult childhood, Norma Jean Mortenson achieved success in the 50s and 60s in Hollywood under the pseudonym Marilyn Monroe. The showiness and flamboyance revealed in the film contrast with disarming closeness, as well as with all sorts of abuses.

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‘Blonde’ film about Marilyn Monroe with Ana De Armas

It was the hand of God (P. Sorrentino, 2021)

Presented at a competition in Venice Film Festival 2021, It was the hand of God another masterpiece Paolo Sorrentino. Cast Tony Servillo, Philip Scotty, Teresa Saponangelo, Louise Ranieri, Renato Carpenters and many others. Set in the eighties in Naples, the film follows the evolutionary rise of Fabio, known as Fabietto, following a traumatic event that will force him to discover himself. A semi-autobiographical film in which he searches for his identity in a distant and possible other world.

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“It was the hand of God” Paolo Sorrentino’s return to the screen

Pieces of a woman (C. Mundruzo, 2020)

Pieces of a woman submitted to the competition Venice Film Festival 2020the director’s first international film in English. Cornel Mundrucho. Martha and Sean are about to become parents, but after the birth of their daughter, they die and both try to get rid of this pain. Sean tries to escape his feelings with a more practical and psychic approach, through cocaine and sex. Martha, on the other hand, has a mental renaissance that the movie closely follows. A woman begins her journey to healing from a loss, eternal, because it coincides with the farewell to her son, whom she never saw, did not know and did not live.

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PARTS OF A WOMAN: Pain of loss

History of one marriage (N. Baumbach, 2019)

The film was submitted to a competition in 76th Venice International Film Festival. This is another gem of the same director, characterized by a partnership with Adam Driver. This time the actor is accompanied by Scarlett Johansson, in the account of ending a love story through divorce. The two main characters, Charlie and Nicole, face this painful conclusion to the end. On the surface, their marriage appears to be the perfect, enduring union, both romantic and artistic. But inside the house, love is crumbling and nothing can be fixed. Charlie and Nicole will overcome all the obstacles that separation can create, even when faced with incredible cruelty. Love sometimes remains, even if the marriage broke up.

From ITALIAN DIVORCE to MARRIAGE HISTORY: A Short Filmography on Couples and Separations

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Joel and Ethan Coen, 2018)

Something unusual and surprising in this western anthology film. The film is divided into six parts, including a series of stories about the American frontier, told in unique and incomparable voices. Joel AND Ethan Coen. An old book opens the door to a narrative that brings six stories from the Wild West to the screen, page after page. From Buster Scruggs singing gunslinger to stagecoach chock-full of people driving through curtains and veins of gold. The film premiered in Venice Film Festival 2018. It remains a guaranteed gem thanks to the guidance of the brothers Cohenwhich, with their sophisticated irony, tell the story of the West.

Below is an overview.

“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”: The Coens and Six Stories of the Wild West

Venice 80: competition films announced

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