Wanda Nara, a dear birthday request to Icardi: what is it about

Wanda Nara in full spirits barbie mania. Despite the delicate moment she is going through (hospitalization and the discovery of a disease that some Argentine media called leukemia), the MasterChef host does not miss the opportunity to daydream and indulge herself in eccentric luxury items.

Wanda Nara and a curious request via social networks to Mauro Icardi

Over the past few hours, the manager (who returned to Istanbul with her husband and children) shared an Instagram story depicting an expensive Mercedes convertible all pink. A gift for fans of the genre that Wanda would like to receive as a present for her next birthday. At the very least, this suggests a tag attached to the image addressed to her husband Mauro Icardi and the date “10-12” (the day and month of his birthday) followed by an emoji of cake with candles.

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