Want to be elegant and look slim on the beach? Here’s how to dress and the essentials

Be beautiful and look slimmer on the beach - proieziionidiborsa.it

Be beautiful and look slimmer on the beach – proieziionidiborsa.it

Summers have started and we are about to enjoy the first few days at the beach. We don’t know how to dress to look slimmer at the beach without giving up on class and elegance? Let’s sit down as we’re about to discover the right clothes and accessories to rock a killer figure in any situation.

The long-awaited beach and holiday season has finally arrived. In a few days we will start enjoying the beach, the first swim and the first drink at sunset, But one question remains. Not everyone finds time to train in the winter and find the best exercises for a flat stomach. So what to do to solve the problem and become beautiful and look slimmer on the beach? The trick is to choose the right dress, shirt, and accessories., Let’s see what they are.

How to dress to look slim at the beach? We choose the right dress and shirt

There choice of dress This is the first aspect to slim the figure and look slimmer. We choose Dark colored and possibly plain colored clothing, If we do not want to give up on designs and prints, it is better to focus on models with dark backgrounds and small figures. Or on a pattern with navy blue or military green shades. a good deal? A black bikini with spaghetti straps and high-waisted bottoms, This will show us off with a taller and flatter stomach.

And For an aperitif on the beach, just add one oversized colored t-shirts, Vintage sweaters are back in fashion this year and stars like Chiara Ferragni and Kendall Jenner have shown us which models to choose. A dive into the past that will steal our hearts.

best beach bags for summer 2023

It is impossible to be beautiful at sea without the right bag model, If we love timeless classics we’ll almost certainly choose one straw bag, However, it’s time to say goodbye to the old class model, definitely anonymous and not very original. much better a round bag with lace, tassels or retro pins, It will look incredible to us and everyone will ask us where we bought it.

Do we want something more sophisticated instead? Maybe even evening wear after a day at the beach? We focus on saddle bags designed by dior, Small, discreet and absolutely unique.

Want to be elegant and look slim on the beach? These are the 3 must have accessories

Raimondo Vianello sang Wings, Rifles and Glasses. And if we can leave the fins and rifles for the divers, Glasses can’t be missing from our beach attire, they are in fashion this year With round and large plastic lens Which went in the 70s. If we have a couple in a drawer then it is absolutely imperative to clean them.

The latest must-have accessories in summer 2023 broach, It sounds incredible but brooches “invade” bags, swimsuits, jackets and even beach towels. If we want to be fashionable then we absolutely have to pair them with our beachwear.

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