Warner Bros. changes the calendar: the second part of “Dune” and other films were postponed

In its own way, this move has been awaited for weeks, but now it’s official: too Warner Bros. decided to run for cover and change your calendar releases in the foreseeable future due to SAG-AFTRA union strike (more than the screenwriters gathered at the WGA). There are several big names involved in the slip, among which he stands out. Dunes: Part 2.

sequel, director Denis Villeneuve was supposed to hit theaters on November 1, 2023, however now we’ll find out before we find Timothy Chalamet in the role Paul Atreides We will have to wait March 15, 2024. Four months, during which we hope the parties will reconcile and the great machine of Hollywood cinema will already be restarted, and actors and actresses will again be able to attend previews and press events related to their films.

miss The Dunes: Part Two also leads to the postponement of the release of another long-awaited film: Godzilla x Kong: New Empire, again produced by Legendary in association with Warner Bros., in a one month scale. It was supposed to be released on March 14, 2024, but to make room for Dunes Now its release date is set for April 12th. next year. And again: animated film Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim cedes the MonsterVerse title and now finds itself on December 13, 2024eight months after the original release date.

The good news for fans is that apparently other releases planned for the next few months remain confirmed. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Purple AND Wonka always with Timothée Chalamet they should stay where they are and hit theaters in the second half of 2023.

Thus, Warner has also adapted to the changes brought about by the delicate situation engulfing Hollywood, just as Sony did a few weeks ago. Major has already rescheduled his most anticipated films from Kraven the Hunter To poison 3. A ripple effect that will hopefully end at some point.

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