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Warzone hackers are now flying and teleporting

Hacker legion of Call of Duty: Warzone is redoubling its efforts, with a new hack that allows players to fly and teleport across the map. The current state of the game is disastrous, with Warzone riddled with hackers, glitches, and an army of cheaters willing to exploit those hacks and glitches. From regular, silent aimbot hacks that allow players to always hit their target – regardless of skill – to glitches that allow players to see through walls to gain an unfair advantage over enemy players, Warzone has it all. . Gamers have had their fill of the incessant cheating in the game, although it appears Activision and Raven Software are taking action against the cheaters. However, a new hack allows players to fly high undetected, teleporting across the map with ease.

Although previous attempts to remove hackers from Warzone have been to no avail, the Call of Duty developers recently announced a great fix that could banish hackers for good. Raven Software’s new anti-cheat system was recently announced and is said to be released after Call of Duty: Vanguard alongside the new Warzone map. The anti-cheat system has been developed to work in all Call of Duty games, especially Warzone, in order to eradicate the problem of hackers and punish players who exploit game glitches. At the moment not much is known about the system, although it seems that the developers are taking important steps to make Warzone a fairer experience for all players. Until then, hackers keep doing their thing.

Captured by the popular streamer of Warzone (video above), Tommey, in one of his streams, the new Warzone hack allows players to fly and teleport across the map. Tommey was fleeing the toxic gas when he saw a player in the sky, gliding rapidly towards the circle. Tommey aimed at the player, but the player teleported every few meters, making it impossible to locate. “Wait, I’ve never seen this hack in my life,” Tommey yells to his teammates. When Tommey turns the corner to track down the rogue hacker, he appears to have disappeared, undetected.

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Tommey’s reaction is on par with how most players in Warzone in the current state of the game. Hackers are so common that finding one in the field is not that surprising. Although it is frustrating for players to run into hackers, it is often hilarious to come into contact with one, because it is usually very obvious when Warzone players are cheating. Flying and teleporting around the map is an absolutely absurd hack, which we hope the Warzone developers will remove as soon as possible.

Without a good sense of humor around the subject (like Tommey’s), playing Warzone it will just be a stressful experience. Taking hackers in stride is the best way to deal with them, knowing that Raven Software’s anti-cheat system will likely help weed hackers out of the game. Hopefully, in time the battle royale will be a place for honest players only.

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