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Was he upset or not? We looked at the video where Justin Bieber seems to yell at Hailey Baldwin | Shows Wake Up America

chikybombom is a rude one.”chikybombom. I’m sureshe’s going to have to do somethingof ublique relations.and someone who needs itsame is justin bieber, becausegot into tremendouscontroversy. apparently thethey recorded and it looks like he wasgetting into tremendous screaming tohis wife, and in ublico.have gone viral.aqí we see justin coming outof a concert. íra thescolds with his finger standing.elyanelica: you are grabbingthe hand.carlos: so that you do not have itgo. it is to accuse thesinger. some say noit is what it seems, but it ishe was venting in batchesemocón that tría despés despés despésroxana: no, no. have you neverseen an effusive man? NoI want to laugh.I think it’s him singing thecancón, peroél es aí,emotional.carlos: mi maá, cuandoI argued with my country, I would give itit’s very accusing.johnny: me, thank god,I have both of them.aqí I think…look, I’m a visceral guy.when I get excited…that doesn’t mean I’mfighting with anyone. I see ithe had his wife,giving him a story. eyeit may also have been fannedtwo tequilas, and tequila putsto the half-excited people.that doesn’t mean the typehe was fighting. I amviewing the body language of thesecurity guards deél.normally, when one isfighting with your partner inúblico, the bodyguardsthey try to cover it up. that’s not likehappening aqí. It’s okay.in my view, noit’s fighting. esá countingsomething.elyelic: it is possible thatélhave been upset with someoneand I’ve been throwing theI tell her.carlos: it depends, luis. a í methe theoy of thetequila.luis:I think maybewas complaining about someoneás: “I did not like that pozole!”.elyanélica: or was rapping.maity: let’s hope it is,because neither man nor womandeserves to receive that kind ofshouting or scolding. I preferto think it was that. during thepandemic, justin gets married, talkswonders of his wife. II want to believe that thatin the room.elyanelic: not eventhey can speak calmly. Nocan do absolutelynothing, because immediately thepeople start talking about it.

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