Was it really necessary to do this, Microsoft Edge?

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Microsoft Edge was some Once a good alternative to Google Chrome, but now it seems that the browser is entering spiral.

If a few days ago Edge users they criticized to Microsoft for integrating a financial applicationI lie directly in the browser, now the software giant has fanned the flames by putting a warning in Windows 11 when users try to install Google Chrome from Edge.

According Windows Latest, now a window appears pop-up that discourages people who try abandon ship in favor of Chrome. Microsoft seems to be using multiple messages different, including the ones you see continuation (via Neowin):

“Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added confidence of Microsoft.”

“That browser is so 2008! Do you know what is new? Microsoft Edge “.

“I hate saving money,” no one ever said. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping.

Let’s analyze these messages. Obviously, the first two they are somewhat contradictory. Why does Microsoft’s “new” browser also work with the same technology as Chrome, if the company criticizes it? for being old? Sure that Microsoft, in the last 13 years, could have come up with better technology. Which uses Edge is called Chromium and was developed by Google. Then there is that of “Save money”, which takes us to the financing application that users defined as “Sordid” and “extremely unnecessary”.

Edge is (or maybe was) one of the best new services from Microsoft and a legitimate alternative to Google Chrome. It’s fast, it supports a wide range of extensions and yes, there is a built-in browser coupon and promotions tool that can save you money.e real money. You’d think Microsoft would go to any lengths to preserve the goodness of Edge after falling behind in the browser wars for the past decade. But in change, the company seems to be doing everything it can to make the worse Edge.

Besides making you feel guilty people to stayn in Edge, Microsoft has made it every time plus difficult to switch browsers. In Windows 11, users need to drill down into system settings and manually assign a default app to each type of format specific (HTM, HTML, PDF, SVG, etc.) so that your preferred browser opens when they do click on a web link. Workarounds, like the EdgeDeflector tool, simplified this process until Microsoft cracked those apps by blocking the method they used.

In its defense, Microsoft is not the only company that puts up warning signs every time someone tries to leave its service. Google has a similar popup urging people to switch to Chrome when they visit Google’s search engine in a different browser.

We do not agree with any company putting pressure on its users, so it is to be expected that the reaction of users will cause these types of pop-ups to be phased out. Who knows, maybe doing so would help Microsoft earn that confidence that you want so much.

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