Was Liam Hemsworth About To Lose The Role To Miley Cyrus?


When Liam Hemsworth was announced to replace Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia’s replacement, fans of The Witcher they didn’t take it well at all, so much so that they immediately started a petition to bring Cavill back on the show. However, according to recent developments, Hemsworth was even about to lose the role to Miley Cyrus.

According to some legal documents allegedly leaked and circulated via the Internet, Hemsworth filed a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Miley Cyrus for her recent single “FlowersFurther speculation claims that Hemsworth filed the lawsuit because the song harmed him to the point of nearly losing his role as Geralt in the hit Netflix series.

The story seems a bit far-fetched, considering that Cyrus’ single is not much more than an ordinary “breakup healing” song, it doesn’t directly mention the star of Hunger Games and even the text does not necessarily paint him as a villain (not even implicitly, unlike the Shakira-Piquet affair, for example). Nonetheless, Henry Cavill fans are gathering every shred of hope by turning on the actor along with Miley Cyrus’ devoted followers.

Right now, the whole thing is filed under the “gossip” box, but the sentiment on social media around the whole thing is that if Hemsworth is actually launching a legal battle against his ex to save face and his job, it’s already entered on the losing side. Also, the announcement of him as the new Geralt of Rivia in the fourth season of The Witcher has never been received with enthusiasm and it seems that in the coming months, the actor will unfortunately be forced to face further criticism and controversy.

Even if the truth is far from being revealed, more details have recently emerged about Henry Cavill’s farewell to The Witcher.

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