Was Romy Schneider related to Adolf Hitler? Her daughter responds bluntly!


Almost 40 years after his death, the Romy Schneider myth is intact. In a recent interview, her daughter Sarah Biasini disentangles the false from the true.

She is 43 years old, the age that Romy Schneider was at the time of her death. Sarah Biasini, the actress’s daughter is releasing her first book “La beaute du Ciel” this year, where she explains “what kind of mother you become when you lose yours very early”, as she said this week to L ‘Obs.

Did Magda really sleep with Hitler?

For our colleagues, the actress returns to a number of rumors that are still circulating about her mother star. She, who only knew her for 4 years of her life, knows the secrets of their family well. And for her, the “acquaintances” of Magda Schneider, her grandmother (died in 1996, our photo), with the Nazis and Adolf Hitler would be a pure “legend”. The weekly reports as follows: “When we remind her that  Romy affirmed in front of witnesses that Magda was in love with Hitler and that she had slept with him, Sarah categorically denies it”.

And to add: “Me, I do not care about the behavior of my grandmother. If I was convinced that Magda had slept with Hitler, I would say it. But it is part of the mythology”. The same goes for this rumor according to which Romy Schneider, ashamed of her mother’s past, gave her children, Sarah and David, “Hebrew names”. Sarah Biasini assures me: “My father swore to me that she never heard her say that we absolutely had to wear Jewish first names. But if so, it’s a nice gesture”.

The truth about her suicide and her addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills

Lies, she says, “just like my mother’s alleged suicide or her addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills.” And these rumors have inevitably hurt Sarah Biasini … Because the death of Romy Schneider in 1982 is not the only tragedy in the family. Exhausted, when the interpreter of “Sissi” had passed away, she was said to be “dead of sorrow”. A year earlier, her son David was also killed in a terrible accident. Climbing a gate, and stumbling, she had impaled himself on a peak …