Waste collector drugged and raped women he met on social media: video of abuse sent to friends taken from his new partner’s home

He lured women on Social then when he met them in person he drugged them and then raped them. These are very serious accusations against a person 59 years oldby profession garbage manto whom in the last few hours a pre-trial detention order was issued because he is seriously suspected of crimes sexual violence and illegal distribution of sexually explicit images or videos. Three incidents were confirmed between Rome AND Viterboin particular in the municipalities of Capranica, Riano and Mazzano Romano, between September 2022 and January 2023.

The ruling, issued by the judge of the preliminary investigation of the Viterbo court and carried out by the police officers of the Viterbo flight squad and the public security police department “Flaminio Nuovo” of the General Police Directorate of Rome, stems from the investigation coordinated by the Tivoli Prosecutor’s Office and launched by the Roman police officers after complaint from one of the victims which appeared in San Pietro Hospital in Rome after suffering violence. The woman told police that she met the man on social networks and, after a short meeting, invited him home for a romantic evening. However, the next day she realized she had been heavily drugged and raped, a medical investigation later revealed.

During the investigation, investigators managed to identify the man and seized packaging of sleeping pills and smartphone. Inside, police collected enough evidence to reconstruct the latest episodes of violence, finding at least two more victims raped in the same way. In fact, the mobile phone contained images of three different helpless women being sexually assaulted. The eco-operator sent some of these images to his friends and commented on them in an ironic and contemptuous tone.

Also always present on your mobile phone conversations with victims, during which he gave improbable explanations to women who had no memory of the sexual relationship. Since previous criminal acts committed in the province of Viterbo were also identified against the interested party, the Tivoli prosecutor’s office forwarded the case to the Viterbo prosecutor’s office for territorial jurisdiction, which immediately requested a preventive measure and at the same time delegated further actions. Viterbo Flight Squad investigations.

The 59-year-old man was tracked down in Rome, in the Casilino area, at the house of his new partner and taken to Prison “Regina Coeli”. At the same time, members of the Scientific Police of Rome carried out a special DNA analysis and compared it with various finds seized during the investigation, which further strengthened the evidence base from which his responsibility stems. Other investigations are currently underway to check whether the suspect is responsible for further similar episodes that have not yet come to light. The suspect was detained at the preliminary investigation stage without prejudice to the principle of the presumption of innocence.

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