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In super mario bros mario and luigi are italian plumbers In Brooklyn who have decided to set up on their own, but the business is struggling to get going. opportunities for extricate yourself When the old principal comes in the eyes of the family The couple decided to save the city From the danger of flood due to rupture of underground sewer. interference will get mario up there mushroom kingdomseparated from Luigi who has less luck and finds himself for dark landBowser’s Domain.

after conquering Kingdom of the Pinguotesthe evil tyrant has frozen his paws star of invincibility and bent on forcing Princess Peach To marry him she will go on a mission together with mario save luigi and beat bowser The Kongs attempt an unlikely alliance with the Gorillas jungle kingdom,

colorful and fun adventure

Although devoid of special ideas, if not understood Lots of inspiration straight from Nintendo video games, super mario bros dedicatedly targeted almost exclusively satisfy a worldwide fan base, From this perspective, enthusiasts find themselves invested in a Tsunami of Quotes and References It will make you squeal with joy. Also, while the goal of engaging generations less accustomed to video games is not lost, young people shouldn’t miss out on the fun they can have in front of games. colorful and attractive production Illumination (the studio behind the franchise despicable Me and Minions).

Style in graphic innovation and excellent technical quality Director Michael Jelnick (who co-directed the film with Aaron Horvath) enthusiastically expressed himself on the technological advances between rendering and lighting, Illumination Paris joined by the production Applause. The first film inspired by the legendary plumber is the 1993 live-actionDirected by Rocky Morton and Annabel Junkel, where Mario and Luigi played the roles respectively. bob hoskins And John LeguizamoWhereas dennis hopper Played the role of Koopa. A deceptive and misleading plot Obstruction to the approach of the videogame universe: The film was a sensational failure, which caused Nintendo to not take the exploitation rights lightly.

There revolution in computer graphics And the current three-dimensional processing capability for characters and sets apparently forced the company to change its mind. New targets in animation that are allowed to be reached scenic peaks, result was likely Bring the Mario gaming universe to life literallyComprising one of the most complex games released since the first game on the original NES, it’s as handcrafted as it is fun side scrolling platformerWith the best and latest creation tribute to the world of symbols timeless.

super mario bros 4K – As Seen

Strange But True, Despite Billionaire Enterprises The artwork was rendered at 2K resolutionand this has inevitably given rise to the need for 4K upscaling To reach the result of full technical noise. Difference UHD and Full HD are in between 1080p equivalents commendableespecially in the presence of native 10-bit screen Capable of optimally processing the incoming video signal. In (almost) 4K, i details in the background and its background, returning entirely to the shape of the characters. One example out of many could be Mario and Luigi’s moustaches, such that you can count the hairs.

Native Aspect Ratio 2.39:1 (3840 x 2160/23.97p), HEVC encoding on BD-100 Triple Layer (MaxCl: 1407, MaxFall: 129). technically flawless from any point of view of the image, e.g. turn on color return one more flexible mobility thinks dolby vision, we are faced with a reference show and demonstration that something very concrete exists Beyond Original 2K, Attention 1.85:1 format for 4K as stated on the back cover of the work, which is instead Correctly 2.39:1 Exactly like the included Blu-ray Disc.

super mario bros 4K – what it feels like

presence of Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Channel (48kHz/754Kbps) Italian For a listener who knows how to entertain in between music, effects and dialogue from the central channel. it also has its say subwoofer times, with some funny additions and helping to make it more vivid scenes From racing with armored vehicles to fighting with Bowser.

Of course lossless encoding would have helped more, as it happensOriginal English Dolby ATMOS, with which the technical bar rises to a reference level. The speaker engagement is excellent, with vertical elements, more stage presence for the effects channels, and a dynamic richness that surprises on many occasions,

super mario bros 4K – Gift

As an addition, a funny chapter voice actors who brought life to the characters (18′), the recovery of the film (27′), “practical guide“between images and sounds, people and places through film (7′),”peach, version karaoke And leadership lessons Inspired by the story and characters, with Anya Taylor-Joy (3′). italian subtitles everywhere, also available in steelbook edition and in one (additional sold) Limited with star Sold overseas.

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