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WAVES, Ethereum Classic and Binance Coin: what traders can expect from these alts


During the recent rally that saw Bitcoin and Ethereum rise significantly, there were other altcoins that actually outpaced them in terms of growth, but it didn’t get much attention. Understanding your data based on metrics can indicate which of them is an appropriate investment.

Altcoins worth investing in

WAVES, Ethereum Classic, and Binance Coin. In the last 3 weeks, all 3 coins have done well, noticing higher values. WAVES led by 123%, ETC followed closely, increasing by 90% and BNB rose by 59%. Earnings like these broaden your options for altcoin investments.

In addition to this, looking at the active addresses and the transaction count, ETC emerged as the absolute leader with almost 35k addresses and 70k transaction counts. BNB has done well in those respects too, but WAVES is in the lower regions in both respects. Transaction counts for WAVES dropped to 4.8k, and active addresses were just 5,304.

Transaction Counts | Source: – Coinmetrics – AMBCrypto

In terms of return on investment (ROI), WAVES is actually better than ETC and BNB. Even though the values ​​are low at the moment, WAVES managed to cross Ethereum Classic by exhibiting returns as high as 816% while ETC was at 724%. But the basis of the investment is still the overall value and potential of the coin.

Return on investments | Source: – Coinmetrics – AMBCrypto

Which has better value?

To understand that, let’s look at the relationship between market value and realized value (MVRV). MVRV is used to evaluate the fair value of the asset and any value greater than 1 is considered positive. For both ETC and WAVES, MVRV was above 1, while BNB has a comparatively better value. The BNB chart broke its 2-month downtrend and was now as high as it was, in June.

BNB metrics | Source: Santiment – AMBCrypto

This is proof that the alternative you are looking for can be found on ETC or BNB, but not WAVES as it has not had a significant impact yet.

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