Wax, new unreleased album – “Colori”.

“Colori” is the new unreleased single from Wax, which will be released on July 7 via 21co / Warner Music Italy. The song emerged after the publication of his first self-titled EP and represents a new creative path for the singer-songwriter after his participation in Maria De Filippi Talent Show, where Wax immediately showed great talent and strong temperament.

The colors metaphorically represent the various emotions that overwhelmed this wax period and which, as the colors change and reshape the canvas, can upset a person and make him even better with their rapid and uncontrolled arrival.

“The word “Colors” in this song has the same meaning as the word “emotions”. Tell the wax I feel like a lot has changed and I’m proud to be better. The captivating rhythm and direct and intuitive melodic lines of the voice are a reflection of a period of my life full of new sensations and, therefore, colors.

“Colori”, like the previous single “Anni 70”, boasts a Merk & Kremont (ITACA) production.


Wax, the stage name of 20-year-old Matteo Lucido, is a young singer-songwriter who lives in Milan with his family, consisting of his parents, brother Pietro, and dog Black. Passion for music began in childhood, when he played the violin. Then he began to write his first songs. Wax is constantly writing., and says: “I am inspired by what I do, I put myself in the place of others, I imagine things. In my opinion, imagination is the only superpower we have.” On September 18, 2022, he joined the Amici school, he lived his way by following Arisa, who constantly supported him, believing in his talent and ability to interpret. He presents the unreleased composition “Turista per semper” produced by Shune, followed by the songs “Ballerine e gloves” produced by Dardust, “Grazie” produced by Takagi, Ketra and Jvli, and on May 12 his new single “Anni 70” produced by Merk & Kremont (ITACA), along with the first self-titled EP, is presented in stores in the main cities of Italy.

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