“We all have cellulite” – Gualeguay Chiu Day

Monica Farabello

Talking about self-love went from being “a motivating fad” to deepening the need to talk about mental health and everything we consume on social media.

With the help of artificial intelligence and filters that even change the color of our eyes, the constant bombardment of perfect body images will undoubtedly affect the gaze of others and our own.

But what happens when this consumer logic is broken and reality is called into question?

One of the women who has dared to debate the issue is Noelia Mouzo, a passive at Country Carnival. A few minutes later, he brings up the need to talk about insecurities and criticism of other people’s bodies.

“People idealize the passista of Gualeguaychu very much. They use us as a reference, I think they think we’re perfect, and then when they see you in person, they tell you: ‘I thought you were taller’ or Do some commentary on your body,” Noelia told Ahora Cero Radio.

What content did you post on social networks that had such an impact?

Basically all I did was post my photo shoot for the Kamarr troupe to sign up for the 2024 edition. I think everyone should sign up, no matter their career path, but I feel like this is asking you for a photo of your own profile and the front is out of date. I think it would be more productive if they asked you to dance for 30 seconds because later on we see hundreds of amazing women who only dance for 5 or 6 seconds.

I think it would be great if everyone had the same opportunity to go out and dance. In fact, I formed the Batu Kata Ballerina this summer, and I didn’t pay attention to the girls’ bodies; the group was completely heterogeneous, everyone emphasized our dancing;

Noelia Muzo - 2

And what about those institutions that don’t hold the hegemony at the carnival?

They don’t call them. All the women I’ve danced with have told me, “Thank you for making my dreams come true, because I’ll never be able to dance because they didn’t give me a suit, or give me a nose-to-floor covering, and then They sent me to Carosa…or they didn’t get out at all.

How does insecurity affect women who are so exposed to their bodies?

We all have insecurities. I counted, I looked at myself 60 times before posting. I know we’ve all been taught to look our best; what’s happening on Instagram is we show our best faces.

Right now I’m trying to take that pressure off, and if something goes wrong, nothing happens. I am a human being and I could be wrong too. That’s the message to the girls: Don’t make us stand at the altar because we’re not perfect. If I can, so can you, because I have no superpowers and no one accepts me. I came here from Buenos Aires with a backpack and a photo, and it just stayed.

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Do you feel responsible when communicating in a network with so many followers?

Yes of course. But before I was a dancer, I was a human being. For me, the first thing is humanity and passing that on to my students. I always tell them that dreams come true here, and as corny as it may sound, it is what it is. You just adjust the compass and push it forward.

Now that I have 40,000 followers on the web, it’s nice to leave good news. For example, a statement from Carnival last year said I chose not to share where they talked about accepting and not criticizing dead bodies.

90% of revelers agree with this, and these people criticize each other for having more or less cellulite. So let’s not be hypocrites. Honestly, it seems completely hypocritical to me because we’re all at peace and loving about it the week before Mardi Gras, and then the criticism rains down.

I want to thank everyone who writes to me because when I talk about my insecurities and tell me I look at myself 60 times before posting, my phone explodes from telling me the number of people they feel identified with.


Noelia Mouzo shines in front of the batucada at the Kamarr comparsa 2023 and has become even more popular for her participation in the Kepersonajes show at the Movistar Arena. Thousands of viewers share his videos across all platforms.

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