We all know why they had emergency surgery in Ramona Jimenez

health Mona Jimenez attracted people’s attention Operation They must submit to him urgently. The operation was successfully completedbut is still hospitalized awaiting discharge.

Natalia, Lorena and CarlyThe Córdoba icon’s children are sharing La Mona’s evolution online, and he can even be seen with some on his Instagram Stories. move to the rhythm of the music.

Although the reasons for the surgical intervention are unclear, from here to there Confirmed Quartet This Wednesday they removed his spleen. video:

Lore Jiménez reveals the reason for the operation on the Internet, warning that everything looks like acute gastritis “but things are not that simple’. In a panic, they brought reassurance that the quartet was well-evolved.

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The surgery took everyone by surprise. Carly briefed the situation, noting that her father was “asevere abdominal pain due to poor physical movement”.

In the post, he thanked the Ramona fans for their caring messages and calm communication about the Cordoba icon’s health.

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