“We are neither Boca nor River nor do we want to be, we are proud to represent the minority” The forceful phrase of Defense coach and Justica Sebastián Beccacece

Sebastian Beccacece took out a badge and showed pride for the great 2021 he had Defense and Justice, which stayed with the Recopa Sudamericana, defeating the champion of Libertadores Palmeiras in Brazil.

“To be able to compete against the best teams and budgets we have to go to the limit, give 100% every day. It is a maximum, total requirement. And as I know the people of the place and I know of the excessive dedication and true commitment that they have, I encourage us to continue believing and dreaming. We do not aspire to be Boca or River, nor do we want to be, we are proud to represent this space, the minority ” confessed the DT of the Falcon.

Also in dialogue with Olé, he recalled his time at the Academy: “It was a very happy year that I lived in Racing because I was able to develop what we did in Defense but with the transcendence of a big club and there a lot of myths fell, such as that it could not reach the big players … When we faced it With Defense, 20 players came to greet us. That for me is a pride because it speaks of the work of the entire coaching staff, those are the medals that the coaches have left. ”

In addition, he analyzed his passage through Avellaneda and highlighted a positive balance: “We left Flamengo out, we won important classics, we showed an idea and got a high percentage of points. We were one goal away from putting Racing in a final after 21 years.”

Regarding the 2018 World Cup, he recalled it as follows: “I think the urgency of the result and the short time we were there meant that the idea could not be developed. We had to qualify quickly for the World Cup and we achieved it to the limit. If we did not achieve it, it would have been something terrifying for the country but above all for the boys who had been in the National Team for 16 years. Perhaps, if that liberation that occurred when winning the Copa América had happened before, as in Sabella’s stage, that they deserved it, today we would be talking about something else. All that tension obviously not he knew how to manage, it is clear from the results, but I was not the driver and that is why talking about this is uncomfortable. I feel that he was not up to the task … The coach will explain it publicly if he wants to, or will save it. “

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