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10 years ago we learned about the tragic story of ‘One Day’, starring the incredible Anne Hathaway. Now, it’s time to enjoy it again thanks to Netflix turning it into a series for its platform. We tell you more about it.

We are not crying, you are crying. Netflix has confirmed that one of the most iconic romantic comedies of Anne Hathaway It will hit your platform in serial form, and the news couldn’t be better. It should be noted that, in 2021, the red streaming giant has broken its own marks, such as with Red Alert, a film that is already the most watched on the service; and The Squid Game, which has already tied a second season.

Long after giving life to Mia Thermopholis, in The princess’s Diary, Anne Hathaway positioned herself as an unmissable actress of romantic comedies, but not of any kind, but of those that really steal your heart and leave you with a tear in your eyes. One of them in Always the same day, or One Day, by its title in English.

This tape released a decade ago is based on the book by David nicholls, so it gives enough material to become a series of the streaming giant. The synopsis that Netflix has given about this new production says: “An epic and tragicomic love story, each episode catches up with the central characters, Em and Dex on one particular day, July 15, as they grow older, move together, and separate, experience joy and heartache.“.

The movie ‘One Day’ will become a Netflix series

There is still no information on who will be in front of and behind the scenes, it was only anticipated that the production will begin filming sometime in 2022, so they are in such early stages that they will hardly be mapping who can be left in the role of director and the protagonists. And when it comes to Netflix, anything is possible, since it has the eye to find hidden talents and turn them into stars, as in the case of series Sex education or You. But, on the other hand, he also has the money to put top stars like he does with the movie Don’t look Up.

As for the tape Always the same day, in case you did not see it when it was on the top of Netflix, we tell you that is about the evolution of a couple made up of Em (Anne Hathaway) and Dex (David nicholls), you can see their first interactions, their connection, and then end in a tragic way and moving. Without a doubt it is one of the must-sees if you are a fan of the genre.

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