“We are not Game of Thrones”

fans very strange things I’m waiting again: after years of waiting for the fourth season, the release date for the fifth and theoretically final series of episodes is now again uncertain. To complicate matters, there is writers and actors strikebut apparently one thing is for sure: won’t end like Game of Thrones.

Concurrency is not causal but refers to a specific request made Millie Bobby Brown. The Eleven actress and translator addressed the issue of killing characters on the show during an interview, arguing that Stranger Things needed “be like Game of Thrones we have to have this mentality“. The prospect, which, however, did not please the creators of the show.

The Duffer Brothers responded to this advice during a podcast. Happy Sad Confused. When asked if there was a real possibility to grant the request of Millie Bobby Brown, they unequivocally answered: “Trust us, we have explored every possibility, every option in the writing stages. But we are not Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, not Westeros.“.

The death of someone in Stranger Things has a certain meaning for them and, above all, a great emotional burden on the young heroes. That’s why it takes them a long time to get over the disappearance of the characters: “this is me I defend myself against the allegations of Millie Bobby Brown that I am a sensitive soul, and I explain that there is a logic behind this that has nothing to do with sensitivity. So, MillieMatt Duffer added.

What do you think? very strange things should he really put his hand on and kill most of the cast in his fifth season? Tell us about yours in the comments.

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