“We are optimists.” Tarzan starred in Natasha Koroleva’s video after the treason scandal

Natasha Koroleva (Photo: instagram.com/koroleva__star)

A native of Kyiv, Natasha Koroleva, who lives and performs in Russia, presented a video clip for the new song Gori Gori.

The video starred the singer’s husband, a 50-year-old stripper, and actor Sergei Glushko ( Tarzan). As the scandalous star admitted, the clip is dedicated to the difficult period of her marriage.

 In my life, all songs appear for a reason, at the right time and at the right hour. The song Gori-Gori was written by my talented friend German Titov, who very subtly felt all the shades of our difficult period in life with Serezha. We are optimists, and therefore the leitmotif of the song is optimistic, helping to move forward together, to warm each other with the fire of love, sometimes to burn, and sometimes to heal, ”commented the performer.

The 47-year-old actress in an interview with Sobchak said that she does not consider her husband’s relationship with a young actress Anastasia Shulzhenko to be treason.

Let us remind you that Natasha Koroleva was included in the Peacemaker base for “deliberate violation of the State border of Ukraine in order to penetrate into the Crimea seized by the Russian invaders, complicity in Russian propaganda activities, participation in attempts to legalize the occupation of Crimea by Russian invaders.”