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For Marco Antonio Cumsillesuperintendent of the Fire brigade of Santiago (CBS)

On the Day of the National; they can be repeated is the doctrine of our regulations and the articles of association. This is an essential guide to learn how to lead in the face of difficult situations. This is a guide to morality. For the rest of the instructions.

The regulation at Santiago’s, we have one in 1863, which was adapted from the founding of the Fire brigade of Valparaiso, introduced in 1851. The Manual instruction, we have since 1898.

But life is not just in the manual or the by-laws. If you live in and If it works with the other parameters, which are studied at length, but it is still not permanent, because life is a continuous and ever-changing. If you know those of us who live under the Covid-19.

But to define who we are, the fire department, with capital letters and no last name, I want to mention is a great little episode from the past.

In 1998, the Fire department of the city of Santiago, the third in the rest of the country, it was close to the completion of 35 years of his life. Chile had already carried on by the bombing of the Police station of the Spanish in the heart of santiago, chile, at the end of the Pacific War, and the Civil War. In all of these tragedies, the fire department stood firm by the side of his oath of service, by serving, without objection, political, religious, or otherwise.

While at Valparaiso, the no Spanish, has to be a fire fighter, including the bombing in the middle; the masons or the catholics, who shared the ideal since day one.

However, the Civil War marked a turning point for the country and for the fire department. While the balmacedistas they were in power, and the fire department have been deprived of playing with their alarms, due to the fact that the government suspected that they were on the alert for con artists.

After the coup, the Congress, and the fire department balmacedistas have paid the price for his conviction.

The Phillips, parents of the Essence, they were driven out of the Body. July-Plated Espinosa, the minister of the Interior, and of the man of thou shalt nots, ” that he had been a distinguished officer in the 6th Company during his term of office on the Inside, he had to get away from the guard and towards the world.

If you have broken families, broken in part, of the Body, but in the life to follow.

For those who were opponents, like Peter, to board a flight in his pump, that is to say, a co-worker in the same Enterprise, the Border, and Ismael Valdés Vergara, have trunfantes in the country.

Chile, the son of the same, the ruling conservative in that it prevented the associations, in Santiago, and would go on to be the President of the Republic. It is one of the great paradoxes of national, Pedro Montt, he was a son of this partnership, in addition to the captain, and the director of the Sixth (as-Plated), and the Secretary-General of the CBS. Vergara, secretary-general, during the strike of 1891, he was a member of parliament in the spotlight, the mayor of Santiago, and if you, the superintendent of the Fire brigade of Santiago, chile.

The one that sets up the Pass, and it is likely that the fire-fighters, it is his action in 1898. When the guard was about to turn 35 years old, had to decide who would do the keynote speech of the anniversary celebration. Early on no doubt. He proposed, in the session directory, to its political rival, the recently returned from exile, and the newly-reingresado of the body, and the July-Plated Espinoza, is the same as that of eight years before, forbade the ringing of the bells of an alarm clock.

In a survey of this remarkable, which demolishes many of the myths about the fire service and the civil war in ‘ 91, the late volunteer, the Antonio Márquez Allison gave a talk from the Border Espinosa, who is the best honor that one can feel that the mission of civil is to be a fireman.

He said Border: “the Lords… are Dominated by bitter disappointments, hurt by the loss of a bolt, and hesitated in the middle of the most serious problems that tend to cover both our borders, our credit, our political system and our sources of production, and I’ve been blowing out of the soul of the cierzo ice cream in the oppressive gloom, and it appeared in the depths of my being, cruel doubt on the stability of both the greatness and the future of Chile, which we love so much. But, then, the study of the Body of the Fire brigade, which marches at the forefront of all of the institutions of which they are the daughters of the effort of the individual, and so, as I see it, is so disinterested in the work, as fixed in the hole, so put in the service of his fellow-men, and so united in their personal, faith rises to the hope the move’s robust wings, but they become factors of the resurrection of what he considered to be signals of distress and of death, and I look back to the Chile of the medium, the elements and the power of the moral proof to withstand and overcome the crisis, which is the tax required on the formation of the national.

The book is by don Antonio Marquez, finally, points out: “two of The most prominent enemies in the school during the Civil War of 1891, Pass Speaking, and Bordering Espinosa, if you reconciliaban to the public. The wounds are beginning to heal. The form of the machine of the world, Bathed in Spinoza died in February of the following year, only 40-year-old.”

On this day in thought, such as the National Day of the Fire, and the citizens are at the service of citizens, with all of our differences and similarities, we wish to redeem the thing of the past, today’s led lights up. The moors and the christians, the believers and the huerfanos de of faith, anarchists, or militants, we will always have a uniform top and a helmet on his head, to the face that they have voluntarily assumed.

For many of us, such as de Valdés Vergara, Chile, or Bathed in Espinoza, we have the views or opinions of civic life, political ideas, or with beliefs, but it’s not in the sepran. We have learned to live with it, respect it, and to listen to each other, because we are fire, we are all citizens.


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