“We became even closer after my father passed away”

During a recent interview, Matt Damon talked about the friendship that connects him with Ben Affleck since childhood, which has grown even stronger over the years.

Matt Damon on friendship with Ben Affleck: 'We became even closer after my father died'

Matt Damon talked about their friendship with ben affleckexplaining that it has grown stronger in recent years.
The actor, who is part of the Oppenheimer cast, spoke about the bond he shared with his colleague, which lasted nearly 50 years.

a unique friendship

Commenting on his friendship with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon said: “We’ve been weirdly close for a long time. I was watching The Beatles: Get Back, Peter Jackson documentary. They end up playing on a rooftop in London and he says it is the last time the Beatles play together. And it hurts me to think about it because you look at them and they’re so happy,
The actor then explained: “I called Ben up and we were talking about all this and the fact that it’s been almost 25 years since Will Hunting was filmed… ‘What are we doing? We both kind of won the lottery. Why don’t we work together more often?’,

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an event that brought them together

Matt and Ben Affleck grew up together in Cambridge, Massachusetts and have been friends since childhood. Over the years, the two starred in nine films, including Good Will Hunting, for which they were screenwriters.

Damon then said: “My father passed away in 2017 and Ben was really close to him. And it seems that something has changed inside us, you think and you really begin to feel that the end is here, you begin to feel that you want to count every second. i don’t want to waste time,

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