“We bring brightness in these strange times”

“New Life”. Paula and Claire In Sanremo it has (again) started with that “furore”, which has been rewarded by the public and the radio far more than the seventeenth place collected in Ariston, as grew around the Izzy sisters coming next Thursday in Naples Shows excitement. , Arena Flagrea, for a concert that is currently far from sold out. “Until a year and a half ago, we didn’t think that all this could happen around our reunion”, he explains again in a voice like in the past: “Invitation to San Siro max pezzaliJovanotti’s “Beach Party”, Sanremo, the collection of duets “Per Semper”… everything happened too fast, reminding us of the magic of the movie we’ve already seen, the 1997 film, our The year of beginnings, where everything happened very quickly ».

“Per Semper” tries to field Paola and Chiara 2.0, updating their greatest successes to 2023. “Actually, except for “Furour” and “Mare Chaos”, they are all songs from the past that have been reintroduced together with friends. Elodie, Jovanotti, Ana Maina, Max Pezzali, Noemi, Emma, ​​Gary Ponte, Tiziano Ferro, Levante and Cosmo, assigning each piece or nearly so to a different maker. If we had one objective during recording, it was to renew the joy of doing this work at a time when the space for entertainment is shrinking. Even in Sanremo, after 18 years, we wanted people to enjoy watching us shine on stage.

What are you all waiting for?
“Probably to match our artistic journey.” We have nothing to complain about and the public probably understood: we couldn’t be more honest.”

Looks like you’ll be returning the favor after summer by singing a new song with Pezzali. Meanwhile, you host her in “Friends Like Before”.
«It could not be otherwise, considering that “Amici cum prima” was our first hit after spending two years singing backing vocals with 883. It was Max who suggested we go to Ireland to get inspired to write our second album . Valuable advice, taken immediately ».

What did you say to the producers when you entered the studio?
“We want to remake these songs while retaining the essence of them. A dance piece should remain a dance, a rock song like “Friends First” should remain rock. This is why the new versions, although deeply updated, are very respectful of the original.

If you could have anyone on the record, who would you want?
«George Michael or Michael Jackson, but they are no longer with us, so let’s say Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Rosalia, Sam Smith… There are many personalities who have been able to express art even in such difficult times.

And Festival, Would You Do It Again?
“Yeah, we don’t have any foreclosures. We have a drawer full of interesting things and Amadeus has already told us that, if the song is there, we can repeat it whenever we want.

Chiara at one point reported the violence on social media.
«I went through a moment of difficulty, made up of anxiety and panic attacks, a condition that made me particularly fragile, deprived of the strength to defend myself, as it would have been normal. However, thanks to therapy and the affection of those who loved me, everything turned out well.

Last month you were the godmother of Roma Pride 2023.
“We cannot imagine a non-inclusive society of the future.” Yes, new rights are coming, but first we need to protect the rights we have won. And never take anything for granted.”

On the subject of rights, do you feel intimidated by the country’s political moves?
“No, because we trust people and believe that no one, especially the government, wants to make things worse by questioning the principle that we are all equal and that we all have the right to love who we want.” have equal rights”.

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