“We can’t save everyone”


Architect, interior designer, creative director, film; and since recently also a designer of lingerie. Tom Ford is one of the most influential men in the world of fashion. In fact it is the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and that is what has made him the responsible position itself in the crisis of the coronavirus. And his posture, although active and positive, it is realistic and set out in a letter addressed to the members of the CFD in which he advises without hesitation that not everyone will be able to continue in the world of fashion, at least as of now, but who from the council that runs it will do everything in their hands.

“We can’t save everyone, but our hope is to help businesses to survive the immediate”, warns Tom Ford, who added the goal is that to survive this crisis the largest number of companies possible. Aware that “the challenges that we are experiencing are unprecedented”. and that the fashion industry faces unexpected but required changes, warned that “brands need to make adjustments in their shops to create safe environments for employees and customers.”


Tom Ford, who has built his career little by little, he is not a friend of the rush. That’s why he warns that there are no neither the miracles nor the “ quick fixes”. Now, it is time to change. And do it well, “the industry will change, but the change also presents an opportunity to restart and create a solid foundation for the future of the fashion an american, the only thing that I can promise is that there will be a future for us all”, says Tom Ford in his letter to the sector.


The change presents an opportunity to reset and create a base for the future of our fashion”

It is a warning that you are going to be applied to itself and its structures. Because the crisis has touched everyone. Large and small. Tom Ford, the author of the corset with that Zendaya wore to the Critic Choice Adwardmodeled and made specifically for her, has always supported a fashion that is not disposable, but designed and durable. And maybe there is the way.

But not just that. The respect for the environment is another of the great pending issues in the sector is making huge efforts in recent years. But Tom Ford is not exactly the best example. In fact just a few weeks ago, in mid-April, we released the results of the last Transparency index of the Fashion and the president of the CDFA did not leave anything standing.

“This year we have scored 250 of the top fashion brands and retailers are most important, and what we have done according to your actions related to economic and social policies, as well as to their practices and the impact of these”, announced last April 22, the official website that published this report which values the companies that are faithful to the #WhoMadeMyClothes.

That is what indicates that they know who has woven, dyed and produced his cotton, and under what conditions. H&Mwith 73% of 250 points possible for posting detailed information about its supply chain and the focus of a series of social and environmental issues, heads the list of the most committed. Will you still, with a score of 64%. Adidas, Patagonia, and Reebok. And the big surprise is that precisely the president of the CDFA, Tom Ford, do not get even a single point. This year is presenting a 0% transparency, like Elie Tahari, Mexx or Jessica Simpson.

Nothing to do with Gucci, the firm that became Tom Ford in the icon that it is todaythat , according to the report, is the signature of luxury best located having increased their transparency 8% compared to last year, or Ermenegildo Zegnathat becomes the first luxury brand that has provided a detailed list of providers with which it works. This study also indicates that 40% of brands are posting a list of their manufacturers the first level, but only 7% leave to know what are some of your suppliers of raw materials.


He studied architecture and tried his luck in the film, but it is in the world of fashion where more is demanded

Born in Texas in 1961 (27 of August will be 61), Tom Ford will also have to do an extra effort in this field. Maybe this is the change that we probably announced it to all of your industry in your recent letter and is aware of that he will also have to take sooner or later.

You do not have to be a problem for him. This creator has a great vocation, and know how to adapt. Has proven endless times. He studied architecture, that was his way (or interior decorator) but not wanted to renounce to other vocations such as being an actor. Not got it but was able to start in the world of film as director with a film that was critically acclaimed,
A single man
but never as much as with their creations of fashion.

The industry that now he worships him with his way of understanding fashion and gender you must lin the image of the woman magnetic, sexy and with a stop from the seventies, that wove its way through the signing of the double G. There, in Gucci, wreaked havoc, and even came to christen him as “the savior”. Domenico De Sole, his then-partner , sums it up very easily: “Before their arrival, everything was brown, round and white, and his departure left everything black, square, and hard,” says always without forgetting that, in addition, Tom Ford reported some considerable benefits to the company, which went from a value of 230 million to 3,000 million.

Zendaya dazzled with this corset made to measure by Tom Ford

Zendaya dazzled with this corset made to measure by Tom Ford

In 2005 is when Tom Ford, who also signed a golden era for Yves Saint Laurent, created its own brand that is committed to the best materials, the best cuts, the best tailoring and finishes, more meticulous. That is the sign of Tom Ford and which he himself applies. His image is unmistakable: sobriety and elegance of black and white with his perfect shirt and white and your suit planchadísimo, as black-and-spotless.

Ford has always been known for his work, but it has also ceded ground to give out most personal aspects. This step gave especially in 2014, when he announced his wedding with the former editor of the magazine
Vogue Hommes Richard Buckley
your partner’s entire life, after 27 years of relationship.

He revealed his marriage, celebrated in the united States, on the fly at an event at the Apple store of Tegent Street. He himself explained in his day that they met during a fashion show in 1986, when Ford was 25 years old, and her husband, 38, and who have a common child, Alexander John Buckley Fordborn in September of 2012 of a surrogate mother. And even to know their partner caused him enormous distress, because he understood only to see that the “man of silver hair who was looking at me with penetrating blue eyes water,” was the man in your life.