“We have COVID, shhh”: a plane passenger spied on a woman’s message and sparked controversy

The irruption of Covid – 19 It has brought many complications in all areas since there were many restrictions that prevented, for example, from traveling by plane. These measures were lifted some time ago but care must be extreme since the risk of contagion exists and that is what happened on this trip.

What happened was that a passenger He broke into the privacy of a woman and spied on the message she was sending, which stated that they were on board the plane infected with Covid.

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The story behind what happened

This passenger could not avoid spying on the iPhone of a woman in front. The image was first shared on Reddit by tristydotj, an American user who captioned the post: “I caught this woman sitting across from me on a plane sending some very alarming text messages.”

Tristydotj never clarified on which flight he had discovered what the passenger in the front seat had written: “We have Covid … shh”. “We”, that is, she and her travel companion, had taken a plane despite having coronavirus. In addition, the woman continued to write the message: “That’s why we go home the day before. On the plane…”.

The publication generated debate

After what was shared by this man in the forum, a debate. On the one hand, there were those who expressed that the author of the photo should have previously informed the hostesses of the woman’s situation.

Reddit photo
Reddit photo

On the other hand, there were the people who stated that the man invaded the Privacy of the passenger by spying on the conversation, having taken a photo and then having shared the image. The man from the post did not comment on what happened at the end of the flight.

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xSTSxZerglingOne said the woman deserved to be fired for “causing imminent danger to everyone on the plane,” adding that she had “knowingly defrauded a government organization.”

Another user, who publishes as Oflowz, believes that there is “a higher percentage of people who act this way than people think.”

A dejected Jarvisismycopilot, meanwhile, said his “faith in humanity” had been “completely wiped out” by such actions.

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