We have seen Men of War 2 and its strategy in WWII, and it aspires high among RTS

Men of War is back. The veteran real-time strategy game set in World War II launches, after a good number of expansions and independent experiences, its second numbered installment. In 3DJuegos we have had the opportunity to take a look at it and we tell you what you can expect from one of the aspiring best strategy game of 2022.

Men of War is one of those war sagas that good lovers of real time strategy They have been enjoying it since 2009. During this time the saga has continued to give seven titles in the form of expansions and works of a more independent nature. In fact, although this new installment has the ‘two’ after its name, it is not so much of a sequel. This honor would correspond more to Men of War: Condemned Heroes, which was released back in 2012.

In a similar way to what happened with King’s Bounty II, since 1C, the studio in charge of production, this new installment pursues a relaunch of the saga that is accompanied by the introduction of new and more attractive playable formulas that they put Men of War II at the height of other references of the genre such as Company of Heroes, a title that will also soon see its third installment in the markets.

These are certainly good times for those of us who enjoy this genre. But, what is it that we have been able to know of Men of War II at this point? Enough to realize that it is a saga that seeks to differentiate itself from the rest, but also to verify that it still has a way to go in its development for its launch, planned for 2022.

However, the claims of this new installment are high, without losing sight of the Second World War, Men of War II wants to take us by the hand through battles, conflicts and stories that we have not yet visited. The path of this new Men of War II begins in 2016, when the development studio began working on a title focused solely on the multiplayer section, trying to implement a new game mode called ‘Front Line’. Precisely, this new modality is the greatest attraction that was presented to us about the title that is to come. In Front Line, the front consists of a dividing line that divides the entire map into two parts, the territory that belongs to the allies and that of the enemy.

Fighting for every inch of terrain in Men of War II

Men of War 2: We have seen Men of War 2 and its strategy in WWII, and it aspires high among RTS

The claims of this new installment are high, without losing sight of the Second World WarThe layout of this territory is essential for the course of the war since, for example, you will only be able to recruit new troops that appear at a certain distance from the front line. At gameplay that accompanied the presentation, I could see some engineers placing anti-tank mines, units digging trenches or creating minefields, but with the condition that you can only operate on your part of the battlefield. Another peculiarity of this mode is that there is no fog of war in the territory of the allies, so we can instantly see the invading enemy troops, except the stealthy ones.

This division of the map causes an interesting real-time mutation of the front line. To modify it we will have to resort to infantry and light troops on foot with some exceptions such as paratroopers. In fact, the tanks by themselves cannot move the line, but they can greatly help the infantry to advance or maintain it. Something that opens an interesting range of possibilities related to the strategic planning From the fighting, in fact I could see how, advancing on this front, interesting movements could be executed in the form of an ambush.

Men of War 2 PC

Another detail that was emphasized in this sample of Men of War II was the direct vision. Thanks to this new perspective, users can take direct control of certain units to manage them directly within the battlefield. It is very striking how we can go to a first person camera from different vehicles such as tanks. Something that helps a lot to feel as if you were a true soldier, this direct vision does not remain only in a camera change, since we will be able to execute actions in real time. I really liked the idea of ​​controlling the battlefield like a true marshal, while also being able to go down into the mud at any time to start hitting enemies with missiles.

Men of War II bets on historical fidelity more precise. This will be reflected both in their campaigns, of which we already know that one will be in Russia, and in their units, which are committed to being as varied as they are precise in terms of historical context. Regarding the multiplayer modes, we were not given too many details yet beyond confirming that there will be cooperative and competitive skirmish modes that will support games of up to 5vs5.

Men of War II will use the same revamped engine

Men of War 2

For this new installment you will not change graphics engineIn fact, it will continue to use the same one that the saga had been wearing until now, introducing modifications and improvements that allow Men of War II to look its best. Unfortunately this has not been something that we have been able to verify first-hand and from 1C they place us on later versions of the game when it is in a more advanced state.

There are still few details about the news of Men of War IIWhat they could tell us was their full support for mods, something that will undoubtedly satisfy a large part of the community when it comes to unleashing their imagination. In terms of sound, work has been done to completely renew all the resources of the game, creating more realistic explosions and sounds that sound different for each type of weapon also depending on the distance at which it is located.

The truth is that these are still few details about the novelties that Men of War II will include, some touches of a work that has behind it the weight of one of the most established franchises within the genre and that aspires, therefore, to be one of the great launches that are to come in 2022 within the RTS. From 3DJuegos we will be attentive to its progression, we are looking forward to telling you more.

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