“We made three kisses …” Jean-Pascal Lacoste confides on his relationship with Jenifer


Jenifer and Jean-Pascal Lacoste fell in love with each other during their Star Academy adventure. A sincere love affair on which the singer returned.

In 2001, the singer and Jean-Pascal Lacoste met during the first day of adventure in the famous castle of TF1. If they devoted themselves to competition above all, the two young people still took the time to get to know each other and get closer.

Invited on the set of Evelyne Thomas on January 4, for her first show of the year, the host had invited a personality who does not usually mince words. During this interview, the columnist of TPMP confided in his Star Academy adventure, and in particular on his “beautiful love affair” alongside Jenifer. Indeed, during the filming, the two young people experienced a little romance in front of the camera, which continued a bit at the end of the adventure. ” It was a beautiful romance, I loved her very much. three kisses at the castle then after we saw each other a bit “. But this relationship has not been easy, and Sylvie Tellier’s brother-in-law says nothing more has happened, ” There are cameras everywhere. We were there to work

Since then, the two lovebirds have found love again and have become parents on their own. But that doesn’t prevent the 44-year-old TV man from remembering this unique adventure and revealing how he came to be among the selected candidates,  “I was recruited into a wild cast. was my last season as a firefighter on the beach. They came to me and said, ‘We’re doing a singing TV game.’ I said, ‘If it’s a joke, you get yourself a coffee, I watch people. ‘They stayed all day, they watched me do a little clowning. And in the evening, they said to me:’ Sing us a song, do something ‘. doing stupid things in front of the camera and one thing leading to another, they“, a great opportunity for the latter who could never imagine one-day making songs and even less TV shows.