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It is enough to read the descent of this note to get dizzy, right? Yes, it is a salad and we summarize it “just like that”: Marcela pagan is happy with life because he started a romantic relationship with Martin Sierra, the “cheated” husband in the clandestine romance between Fernando Gago and Veronica Laffite.

To summarize it easier and in one line we could say the following: love triumphed. Because, in this story of betrayals in which there were, mainly, two victims: Gisela Dulko and the instructor’s ex-husband, at least one of them was able to bet on trust again.

We talk about saw, a completely anonymous man until the moment the Gagogate and that now occupies an important place in the heart of the journalist of A24, which already confirmed the romance with all the lyrics and even gave details of how it started.

So did Pagan, in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen, who told everything that his colleague was willing to trust him with Miter Live, after warning him, however, that he was not talking about personal matters.

“Hello Juan, the courtship with Martín is confirmed. I am not talking about my private life, but there is nothing to hide “, and safe: “We are dating, I am truly happy”said the blonde, via message from WhatsApp, reluctant to delve into the subject but also wanting to tell her truth and not get caught up in the scandal.

And when Etchegoyen asked how he met saw, Marcela was direct: “Laburando”. Nothing strange or outlandish, since she has a show on America and the lawyer works in the channel group. Good for them!

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