We return to the conversation about Pinot and the interest in Kaa artists.

The largest shareholder of the company Kering, Fran├žois-Henri Pinaultseems to be getting closer and closer to the acquisition Creative agency of artists (Kaa), a Hollywood talent agency whose artists include Brad Pitt and basketball player Chris Paul.

This news had already leaked in mid-July through Bloomberg who today kicks off the dust, talking about the operation to buy Pino a controlling stake in a private equity group. tpg. Singapore government investment firm, Temasek Holdings Pteinstead, she could increase her stake in Caa by acquiring shares in a Chinese company. KMK Capital. At the moment, none of this information is officially disclosed.

The Caa group will be valued at around $7 billion, a figure much higher than the $5.5 billion the company received a year earlier in connection with the acquisition of rival agency Icm Partners.

As part of a change in ownership, Caa may offer agents holding shares in the company the opportunity to sell a small portion of their shares. He should also ask a limited number of signatories to renew their contracts with the company.

The Pinault family is the largest shareholder of Kering Sa, owner of luxury brands such as Gucci, ysl AND Bottega Veneta. Also visit the auction house Christie and owns several vineyards through a holding company.

Kering shares changed hands shortly after 4:00 pm at a price of 497.85 euros per share, almost the same as yesterday’s close. The annual result is -1%.


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