We Take You to Know the Incredible and Fun Mansion of Jessica Alba in Los Angeles

Jessica Alba shares a house with her husband and three children.

Actress Jessica Alba, 39, lives with her husband, Cash Garner, and their three children, Honor, Hayes, and Haven, in an incredible mansion in the city of Los Angeles, whose value would be around $ 10 million dollars and to who moved in at the end of 2018.

Although she was away from the spotlight for a while, due to her desire to dedicate herself full time to her family and to stop being seen as a sex symbol, that was not a reason for the also businesswoman to completely distance herself from her followers.

This has been demonstrated with the photographs and videos that she has shared on her social networks, in which she has shown what her life is like as a wife, as a mother, and as a housewife.


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Such is the closeness that he has sought to maintain with his fans, that in May 2019 he gave them a tour of his home through the lens of the renowned Architectural Digest magazine.

In a video, lasting more than 10 minutes, the protagonist of ‘Fantastic Four’ boasted to her followers the most intimate corners of her home, which she also showed during the COVID-19 quarantine.


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Living room

The living room was the first room he showed during the tour. This room is made up of a pair of individual sofas in a light gray tone, two more in a dark gray tone, a coffee table, and a fireplace.

From the living room, to which he injected a touch of France, there are very beautiful views of the garden, as it is surrounded by large windows.

Family wall

The family wall is one of the most special corners for Jessica and her loved ones, as it is solely and exclusively intended to house photographs of her ancestors.

“My husband is half white and half African American, I am half white and half Mexican. So this wall shows our ancestors. Grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. We believe that it is important for our children to see where we come from, ”Jessica said during the tour.

Television room

The next space he showed was his TV room, a small corner that is equipped with two individual dark gray armchairs, a light gray modular sofa, and a circular wooden coffee table.

There is also a television built into the wall, a series of pictures with beautiful paintings, and a large window with beautiful views of the terrace and the garden.


Its kitchen, which is accessed through the TV room, is very spacious and open.

It is equipped with a chocolate-tone cupboard, with high-end appliances and a central island, which is used by the celebrity to prepare their most exquisite recipes and as a breakfast bar.

Dining room

Its kitchen is so spacious that on one side of the island it has an oval-shaped breakfast table.

It is made up of four chairs that combine dark and brown tones, as well as a long beige sofa.


The terrace, which is accessed through the television room, is made up of a rectangular table with room for eight vintage chairs of the most diverse designs and colors.

“This was not here when we bought the house and I always wanted to have an indoor-outdoor space. It is very nice to use our outdoor dining room during the summer. It is perfect for barbecue, we spend a lot of time here with family and friends, especially on the weekend. The table is very cool because it can be expanded and it is super modern, “he continued.


In the garden, in addition to its extensive green areas, there is also a house with children’s games and a swimming pool with its respective spa area.

Dining room

The tour of his residence continued through the dining room, a room that is made up of a rectangular table with space for 12 chairs with interchangeable protectors, a fireplace, a mirror, some buffets, and various flower arrangements.

Laundry room

Although for most of the houses the laundry room is one more room, for Jessica this is not the case, and more so when she has three small children in her care.

Your laundry room is made up of two dryers, two washing machines, and multiple items to wash your luxurious outfits.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is so spacious that it has room for a large bed, for a living room, for two side tables, for a painting easel, which they used to put their television screen, among other furniture.

It also has a balcony from which you have very beautiful views of the garden, as well as the monumental mountains that surround the residence.

Main bathroom

The bathroom in the master bedroom is equipped with sinks, a toilet, as well as a built-in bathtub and shower.

The shower has two showers, so Jessica and Cash can shower at the same time without fighting because neither of them monopolizes the hot water.

“My husband always complained that he couldn’t take long showers because I stole all the water, so now he has his shower and I mine. I always get cold when I get out of the tub, so we put it inside the showers. It’s nice and you keep warm, ”was how Jessica concluded her tour.


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