We tell you what to do in case of earthquake in quarantine


Currently the health emergency by the COVID-19 has occupied the spaces in journalism and mental health of the world’s population; however, this we are not free to live a natural disasteras a earthquake, so we must not let down the guard and keep in mind the prevention measures to know how to act.

Recently, have been presented telluric movements that have surprised places like the Kuril islands, in Russia we had an earthquake on the 25th of march of 6.7 degrees on the Richter scale; in the Idaho, United Stateswhere was 6.5 the last 31 march; and even in the CDMX the afternoon of this Thursday, with a magnitude very low.

What if there is an earthquake?

First of all, remember that earthquakes are natural phenomena that don’t have a date accurate, that is to say, that can happen at any time. In the second place, takes into consideration that the capital of Mexico and some states are prone to tremors, by which it must be keep calm and follow the recommendations.

Having said the above we note the following steps in the event that listen to the seismic alert or active, a notification of earthquake on your mobile device:

  1. Keep the calm. The seismic alert gives 30 seconds of margin for you to act, so don’t alter and follow the following steps.
  2. Located the evacuation zone.
  3. If you’re on a floor where you can exit in 30 seconds or less, fold, bringing with you computer to communicate (cell phone), keys and money, and set in a safe place.
  4. If you’re on a floor that you do not have time of getting to the street or to the roof, locate your item of securitynext to a wall resistant, away from windows or furniture that may fall over.
  5. If you live with people that are difficult to move as older adults, people with diseases that cripple, or with some disability, ubícalos in a safe place. If you have to leave, do itbecause in the event of any misfortune, you could request assistance from the outside.
  6. If you have pets, do not forget, keep in mind that the animals don’t know what happens, so take him with you. If your life is at risk, let your partner and resguárdate first.

Once you have found your item of security or shelter, away from things that could fall over such as poles, wires, trees, windows, etc., you must stay alert and wait until the movement is finished. Then take into consideration the following:

  1. If the quake was very strong, expected to that Civil Protection personnel or an engineer expert review the structure to make sure that it is safe to return.
  2. Once in, check well the walls, there may be fractures, but these may be superficial. If you believe that you are at the level of the structure repórtalas immediately and leave that space until someone check it.

Remember that we are in quarantine to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, so don’t forget to:

  1. Keep the distance and follow your habits of hygiene.
  2. No running, no pushing, no yelling. To react incorrectly you could damage that are to your step or even, spitting droplets of saliva on the people. This is to avoid contagion, and to be safe, so that order and tranquillity, everything is possible.
  3. If you really feel bad, calls to the emergency services, but avoid going to a hospital and preferably, unless it is really necessary, seek medical attention. During these events occurring episodes of anxiety or distress that can be served from home, taking care of the breathing and with a little bit of calm.
  4. Remember that the spaces medical are intended at this time to patients with COVID-19therefore it is important that you retain to go to avoid getting and prevent the collapse hospital. Only go if you really need it.

What can I do to prevent?

An earthquake cannot be prevented; however, we can be ready for any eventuality. These are the tips that gives Civil Protection to prevent any misfortune as a result of a quake:

In your work space or where you live:

  1. It is important to have maintained and revised the structure of the place in which we live or work. Make sure that it is a strong structure, without major impacts of earthquakes above or that is in a zone more or less secure.
  2. Check that the connections of light and gas are in good condition. During an earthquake it is possible that there are leaks or outages that can lead to more serious situations.
  3. To the extent possible, make sure that the furniture to the interior of your space they are not likely to fall and that the windows do not have broken glass.
  4. Located the emergency exits, meeting points and the spaces of greatest risk.

Weapon a backpack with at least the following:

  1. You must have there your most important roles like identification papers or property.
  2. Food for one or two days that are not perishable, like cans of tuna, crackers, sardines, etc.
  3. Bottled waterone or two bottles. Both the water and the food you will need to constantly review its expiry date and change them when necessary.
  4. If you or someone in your family needs medicationdon’t forget to save it.
  5. Put a blanketin the case of a cold climate.
  6. Do not forget the charger of your phonebecause it will be very useful.
  7. Keep the moneybecause you don’t know if the earthquake can be mild, or it may be a situation of temporality.
  8. If you have pet, save a little of your food also.

What is the ring of Fire?

The the Pacific ring of Fire it is situated on the shores of that ocean, and concentrated zones of subduction the ocean most important in the world, causing an seismic and volcanic activity in the regions covered.

The subduction zones they are, in basic words, the subsidence a tectonic plate under the edge of another in a convergent boundary where they collide two plates, causing friction that create activity telluric.

The earthquakes serve to relieve the tension accumulated by the permanent friction of the tectonic plates and this process is permanent.

Some countries that are within the ring of Fire in the American continent are Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, MexicoThe united states and Canada.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico


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