« We trained for 25 years to play here »

notes of light through veins Released in 2009 as the third studio album single by English musician John Hopkins Inside championship so come on Distasteful game for singing life in technicolor and the escapist and flying theme by John Williams, from the film at, With the roar of 45 thousand in the stadium at 21.36 diego armando maradona, mark the entry on the scene of the British band of records. the wait is over.

There coldplay nation Not just destiny, she becomes the protagonist spectator of the long-awaited event. The Fuorigrota stadium is transformed into one big technicolor galaxy with music, with their simple, direct lyrics that have built on the emotions, dances and songs to mark their global success. Chris Martin He immediately gives his fans much more than a hug: «We trained for 25 years to play in Naples, for what we love». And the roar repeats itself. But that’s not all, Martin brings on stage a Neapolitan fan, a boy, and sings with him.

starts from the ladder High strength Tracks from the title album of this world tour, their ninth in the studio, music of the regionsThen to continue with the planetary hits that made several generations dance for more than twenty years, such as, Adventure of a Lifetime, Paradise, Scientist, Viva La Vida, Hymn for the Weekend, Charlie Brown (Martin Solo Piano), My Place, Yellow, Human Heart, People of Pride, Clocks, Infinity Sign, Something Like This, Midnight, my universe, the sky full of stars, mankind, And then, a surprise that sends the Neapolitan public into awe: Neapolitan of immortal pine daniels,

Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will ChampionEver since University College London, when he dreamed of making music and becoming famous, following in the footsteps of his myths The Beatles and RadioheadWeave the plot of a great show that engages all the senses.

A colorful and dazzling show thanks – in addition to the lighting effects present on the mega stage set up under the curve – also to the bracelet Lights are distributed at the entrance to the public, a requirement at Coldplay concerts in recent years, which flash according to the songs in the multicolored symphony, like their now distinctive giant balls, directed towards the people. assigned to the grand finale fix you and beautiful, The world capital of great pop music, tomorrow evening Diego Armando Maradona will be repeated in a stadium for two nights.

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