‘We used to be friends’: what happened between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo?

“Bloodsucker, you bled me like a damned vampire.” Not a line from Leslie Nielsen’s masterpiece Dracula, dead and happy (1995) but chorus A vampiresingle by Olivia Rodrigo, the first excerpt from the new, long-awaited album, guts.

A song that did well on the charts, but also performed well on the pages of gossip and pop culture. Everything was revived by a question asked by The Guardian reporter Olivia: “Many fans believe that this article is about Taylor Swift. What are you going to tell us?” She answers like this: “How can I answer this question? I mean, I never want to say who my songs are about. I’ve never done this before and probably never will. I think it’s better not to categorize the song so that it’s only about one thing (he laughs nervously, he often laughs nervously). I was very surprised when people thought that.”

Very surprised? Mmm. Over the past two years, Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have gone from friendship announced on social media to nervous laughter in interviews. From small gifts posted on Instagram to nothing. How? The story is long, and even the credits of some of the songs have something to do with it. Let’s go in order.

When it comes out, it’s January 2021. Driver’s license, Olivia’s first single. Single from Los Angeles that year. There is a lot of TS within this piece, especially in the text, which is full of those narrative details that Swift listeners love so much.

Everything is great, exceeds all expectations: the work is an incredible success and at some point is placed in iTunes at the third position, above two of her Taylor Swift songs. For Olivia, this is a dream: “Next to Taylor on the US chart, I cry with joy.” Taylor replies:This is my child. Proud of you.” Sounds like the start of a summer TV show for girls on Italia 1.

Declarations of love continue: “I have loved Taylor since I was 5 years old. I think she is the best songwriter of all time (Blessed Youth, ed.), is a constant source of inspiration.” And then they exchange handwritten notes, take pictures together, Taylor gives Olivia a ring because “she said she was wearing the same ring as when she wrote.” Red“. glycemic peak.

The first disputes, however, arise when we talk about money (is there any?): in a particular case, when it was decided after the release of the album. Sourthat the album had several inserts. Interpolation is not a disease, but “the re-creation of elements already heard in another song. Not his direct insertion, as happens when sampling. It’s something recycled in a way.”

Result: Taylor and two other songwriters, Hayley Williams and Josh Farro, are retroactively credited with the songs that inspired Olivia. Williams and Farro have such influence Unhappy business author of Paramore (2007) had on good 4 to you. Taylor Swift, what is it for cruel summer it had deja vu. She also has Jack Antonoff with her.

What does it mean? Share the cake. But share it after the games are over, when supposedly someone who studied law is knocking on your door. However, the issue was resolved behind the scenes, without direct statements from interested parties. For example, if you write songs, you expect it to happen. And two friends?

Olivia, who originally mentioned Swift and Antonov in the song. 1 step forward, 3 steps back (this time inspiration new year’s day TS writer) told Time that he hates to see people question his songwriting skills. For the series “no one invents anything”, and we all agree with that. drama however, it will serve as a “business lesson”. Us too: Raise your hand if you know what interpolation is. All of this, of course, led to the fact that Olivia Rodrigo had to give up millions of her royalties in favor of Swift, Hayley Williams, Jack Antonoff and others.

All was silent until the 2023 Grammy Awards, where they both sit side by side. No interaction: not even half a selfie. However, Taylor didn’t miss the opportunity to snap some photos with Sabrina Carpenter, the American singer-songwriter (if you’re in the mood for “I drive with my arm outstretched, we recommend it Fast Times”), and it’s okay if, rather of all, she was not the person mentioned in Driver’s license like her ex’s new love.

Probably, the single tells about the relationship of Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett, an actor known for filming High School Musical: The Musical – Series. They were often together even in real life, and whoever wants to understand will understand.

Then he comes out Driver’s licenseIn fact, in which Olivia sings about a relationship that ended with a boy who helped her get her driver’s license. The work speaks of an elderly blonde who always made her doubt and feel insecure. But who is this blonde? Sabrina, grown up after a few weeks, responds with a song. shells: “Maybe we could be friends If I met you in another life. Maybe then we could pretend. There is no seriousness in the words we write. Maybe you didn’t mean it. Maybe “blonde” was the only rhyme.”

Here’s Taylor’s new move: choose Sabrina Carpenter to open hers.Eras Tourcalling it one Cute angelic princess. However, Olivia has not yet participated in the tour, even as a spectator: “I’ll go later.” However, a few hours ago, in a new interview with The Interview Magazine, Olivia called Taylor’s concerts “a tour of the road.” Serenity returned? Meanwhile, between two (possibly) litigants, a third (Sabrina) is enjoying herself. Pending gutswhich will be released very soon, we advise you to call at three o’clock for a good repair.

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