We went to an exclusive swingers party (where you’ll only be admitted if you get the subjunctive right): here’s what we saw

Libertine Queen, a company founded by Mia, 37, and Fausto, 45, is considered a leader in swingers’ parties outside of private clubs.

Still dressed. Even those who are spanked in the pillory, a wooden structure used for extreme sexual practices. The artist in the garden is still playing with the fire, greeting the incoming couples. It’s not until midnight, when seven women descend the main staircase wearing only thongs and nipple covers to receive “absinthe” from a dancer standing on the counter, that the transgressive party begins. A message with the exact location arrives on WhatsApp at 18:00, until this time it is only known that the swingers party is taking place in a medieval villa in the Verona area and it is called Absinthium. Which costs 350 euros per couple and includes a buffet and drinks, wardrobe services, a DJ set, and games of libertines all night long. The dress code does not allow exceptions: she is in sexy clothes, he is in black.

How do you get in? By filling out the online application without making mistakes in the subjunctive moods, sending photos showing that you are a real couple, not an older man with a caregiver, not two impromptu people without a photo of them together, not one person who finds an available woman and pays her to go there. Libertine Queen, a company founded by Mia, 37, and Fausto, 45, is considered a leader in swingers’ parties outside of private clubs. “Because,” Mia explains, “those who like to share this lifestyle and this idea of ​​a couple’s sexuality can no longer tolerate people putting their hands on each other without consent, the vulgar environment and the lack of opportunities to get to know each other.” .

Accidentally discovered the game, Mia and Fausto fell in love and got married. They left their jobs (she in graphics, he in healthcare) and moved to Las Palmas, where they founded a company. Slutty Queen, which will soon open its doors as a swingers community. They really believe in the idea that reporting wrongdoing is an honest and transparent form of loyalty.which cultivates trust, love and dialogue.

So far they have organized about ten parties with repeating names in historical houses scattered across the peninsula: Decameron, Odalique, Pigalle, Bside, Absynthium. But also “Eyes Wide Shut” V unconsecrated church full of candles. Where you could only enter in a black cloak and mask. Everyone has seen Kubrick’s film. But not everyone has read Boccaccio’s Decameron. Therefore, in order not to be unprepared for the cultural context of their parties, we took a set of literature with us. And a pocket dictionary of some of the most popular languages. Couples, about 80 years old, come to Absinthium from all over Europe.

But only the smartest people (not us) find it right away. Lost in the Venetian countryside, even though the navigator shows that we have already arrived, we continue to walk in circles. There are new birth ribbons on some of the doors, and just beyond is a social club where older people still play cards in the garden. Behind it is oratory. “He can’t be here!” – we think. Then, looking up, we notice a turret and a medieval house, from the windows of which loud music can be heard. “We are here”.

The staff at the entrance is very helpful. Before going on patrol, strictly leave your mobile phone in the wardrobe. There’s a buffet of sandwiches and canapés, bubbles and drinks on the stand, and music playing in the lounge’s DJ area. Disk. This surprises us a little, but what did we expect, Mozart? However, we notice the presence of a saxophonist (who will play shortly after). Let’s visit the game rooms on the ground floor and upstairs. They are still empty. Lots of beds, some in medieval style, wardrobes, a few scattered fans, lots of condoms on the cabinets, windows overlooking the internal garden.

But are there secluded places? It occurs to us that perhaps since this is a couples’ evening with very few singles chosen, there is no need to demarcate the space. Everyone wants to play with everyone. Even the BDSM structures (extreme erotic practices including dominance and submission) are in the center of a large room surrounded by beds. There is no risk of lack of education in this party.

Effectively all couples are young and attractive, from 30 to 45 years old maximum.elegant even in revealing dresses and relaxed. With the exception of one or two men who must have screwed up the dress code, with black tattoos on their chests and arms instead of shirts, the rest are all kind and devoted to their partner. From the teacher to the entrepreneur, from the housewife to the employee, the complicity of those who have chosen an unusual way of experiencing sexuality together seems to be a characteristic feature of this lot. But there is no context in which to get to know each other. The music in the living room is excessive and you can’t talk. A couple of couples start getting naked and having sex wherever they are. Long before the ritual with which the games begin. The crowd in the hall urges him to start. And so, immediately after the ritual of seven girls with “absinthe” (an illegal drink of the early 20th century), everyone rushes to the gaming halls and begins to trade. “I dreamed that everyone was fucking everyone,” says Nicole Kidman in the film “With eyes wide shut.”

Exchange of pairs and groups on all beds. Other couples watch the exchange. The cleaning lady pretends not to see and tries not to disturb her when she changes the bed linen. On the cabinet, covered with plastic film, there is a Glad odor absorber and scented handkerchiefs. Even if the music doesn’t reach the playrooms, the time signature is so captivating that even Orff’s “Carmina Burana” wouldn’t do. Natural sounds, voices and screams are better.

However, the atmosphere is different from what is written on the website: “A unique opportunity to facilitate meeting and getting to know new people in an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.” Lots of transport and little dialectics. Which speeds things up. What is the difference between erotica and sex? Perhaps we’ll find out on our next trip. At the same time, education and respect for others were guaranteed. Nobody touches anyone, there is no force. Curiosity: As I painstakingly walk down the stairs in size 12 heels, a very elegant man extends his hand to help me. Meanwhile, a naked man walks past me. His lady tells him she wants something to drink and he replies, “I need to at least put on a shirt.” The games will continue for some time. But it’s time for us to return to Milan, and it’s already two in the morning. We met only couples, all young, all accomplices. It’s a pity that loud disco music and a cheat sheet didn’t help us. Even a pocket dictionary.

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