‘We will see a significant reduction in cases’

More than 100,000 children under the age of five die each year from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).Magazine from a year ago lancet A study was published in which this number was found.Ways to avoid this tragic fact go hand in hand from Committed to providing us with a shield to overcome I get the flu every winter.He also created us Stealth armor against other pathogens Examples include diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis B, polio and meningococcal meningitis. So, a priori, a lot of it sounds like a bygone era, and that’s the point. “Successful vaccination means ensuring that we face fewer and fewer infectious diseases,” he said. thomas triumphal arch.

Global Vaccine CEO Sanofi Sitting down with Le Monde to talk about his trip to Spain Viruses and Immunizations. And how a boy who dreamed of becoming a pediatrician had to become a banker before heading into the field of a company that would eliminate the complications of bronchiolitis for millions of children around the world.

Without a vaccine, Sanofi develops one Monoclonal antibodies, Used in conjunction with AstraZeneca”Help prevent RSV illness for five months”explains Pedro Gorrotxategi, Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap). “It protects minors throughout the risk of virus transmission.”

Triumph proudly explained After more than 50 years of research, the game is about to change against this pathogen, research and failures on RSV. “Science has doggedly achieved this goal,” he said. “This year we will be able to offer the first RSV immunization to infants who are victims of severe episodes of bronchiolitis, as 80% of cases are caused by RSV, and Two percent must be admitted“.

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He pointed out that in the field of public health, the use of vaccines requires patience to see results. “You had to wait about 10 or 20 years to see the impact it had on the community,” Ketchum recalled. But in this case, things are different: “Here, In the first year, we will see a significant reduction in the number of cases, and the impact on reducing the number of children requiring hospitalization.

Thus, the adage comes true: health is an investment. “This is an investment because the cost of revenue (direct costs) will be reduced.. And indirectly, families have to be absent from work to care for minors… There are not many occasions where we have the power to change the rules of the game. So, yes, this achievement is very exciting for us,” Triumph said.

At Sanofi, we will not only provide the immune formula to countries with resources, but also “plan to provide it to countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.”especially 97% of the world’s RSV cases occur in resource-limited countries Almost three-quarters of deaths occurred outside hospitals, which gives us an idea of ​​the drama in these countries.

As a pediatrician, Gorrotxategi weighs the impact of antibodies: “In this critical moment of COVID-19, with simple measures, masks and hand hygiene, we did not see RSV. Now, If we add prevention to immunization, the effect will be much better“.

In the first year, we will see a significant reduction in the number of cases and a reduction in the number of children requiring hospitalization.

Jaime Jesús Pérez, also from the Spanish Association of Vaccinology (AEV), attaches great importance to this development: “We are faced with very important news. Although it is not a vaccine per se, it is because Does not cause the body to develop defensesbut Available for a limited time, is a very positive achievement in the field of prevention. “

Perhaps, through evaluation by pediatricians and vaccinologists, the scope of this important scientific advance can be better understood. “When it comes to vaccines, we always need to have a dream that can be realized through scientific efforts” When asked about the possibility of designing a universal flu vaccine without having to buy a new vaccine every year, Triumph said: “We have a lot of projects developing this at Sanofi… It would be like finding Like the Holy Grail. “

The French company puts more than 200 million doses of its vaccine against the seasonal virus on the market every year in hundreds of countries around the world. “Influenza is not a trivial matter, especially for the elderly and vulnerable,” he stressed. «Cardiovascular problems are multiplied by 10. It is not just a respiratory disease. “The consequences are serious and few people are aware of the risks of pneumonia, heart disease or stroke.”

The reality, says Triomphe, is that “We vastly improved existing influenza vaccines, both because of its coverage and the strains it protects. ” However, he acknowledged that the influenza pathogen is much more complex than SARS-CoV-2: “The genome map is very complex. “If we consider the Omicron sublineage, they are closer to the original strain (Wuhan), but that is not the case in influenza, there are many more lineages.”

We all know that refrigerators across Europe are full of vaccines from the two laboratories that arrived first

Here, we have to admit that the Pasteur laboratory of traditional vaccines cannot develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus in time. “We all know that refrigerators across Europe are full of vaccines from the two laboratories that arrived first,” he acknowledged. “But that doesn’t mean we are left behind because we have a reinforcement option and we hope it will be an option.”

Triumph insists The development of vaccines or immune formulas is a long-distance race. “It takes a lot of planning, preparation and devising strategies to achieve your goals in the best possible way.” That’s what he says, so this example is no coincidence, he’s been walking long distances in the countryside and even dared to run a marathon. “What matters is the level of protection we achieve with vaccines, whether it’s for the elderly, our grandparents or the little ones. “That’s why you have to look at the clinical data and realize that not all vaccines are the same.”

Addressing health issues caused by seasonal viruses is one of Sanofi’s main goals.that’s why They continue to research new recipes, such as intranasal. advantage? “It prevents the virus from entering through the respiratory tract, where the infection occurs.” Is it effective against influenza? “No. We had a project in the past, a long time ago, but we didn’t find impressive results. They weren’t convincing.” On the other hand, they made progress on the “high-burden influenza campaign targeting children.”

Yes, they continue to work on development RSV vaccine for children From one to five years old. “It will be administered intranasally. We’ve completed Phase 2 and we’re very optimistic about going to the next step and seeing results. But it’s probably still going to be three to four years and it won’t be available until then. Our The goal is to provide optimal RSV protection for any age, even 65+.

As a vaccine company, Sanofi not only faces constant challenges invention the best recipe to create unmistakable armor Fight viruses, but by removing them from the map, it’s believed they no longer exist. «This is why it is important to maintain high vaccination coverage. “Spain is an example in pediatrics and also with Covid-19.””, he commented. “It is important for us to maintain transparency and engage in constructive debate within the ecosystem of medical and scientific society, which can cut through the noise generated by the anti-vaccination movement and convey the right message to Ordinary people. “

It is important to maintain high vaccination coverage.Spain is an example in the field of pediatrics and also with Covid-19

also highlighted The role of Spanish subsidiaries in the company. “We invest around 50 million euros every year. Most of our scientific projects consist of clinical studies developed in Spain. In Barcelona, ​​in the building where we are located (where 800 employees work) we have an International Innovation Center (Global Innovation Center) focus on every digital opportunity that arises. “

With an eye toward the future, Triumph takes stock of everything Sanofi has developed so far. For me personally, it’s remarkable that the little boy who grew up on a farm in central France finally realized part of his dream. “existMy family are all farmers or veterinarians., but I want to travel the world and become a pediatrician. My mom told me I had to study abroad and not become a pediatrician because I would always stay in the same place when I came back. She was right: she went to Paris to train as an engineer. “I work at Capital One and have a great job managing teams and traveling. “. Suddenly one day, a person from the vaccine field stood in front of him. That was almost 20 years ago. Yes, he fulfilled his dream of traveling and caring for the health of others, especially children.

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