Wearing a Gray Bathing Suit, Elizabeth Gutiérrez Reclines by the Pool

Elizabeth Gutiérrez

In recent weeks, William Levy’s partner has been very sensual in their social networks

In recent weeks Elizabeth Gutiérrez has shown her beauty in all its splendor, posing very sexy on the beach wearing mini bikinis, which shows that at 41 years old she is in top shape.

In his most recent Instagram post,  actor William Levy’s partner was seen laying down and lounging by the pool, wearing a gray swimsuit with black straps that accentuated their mini-waist. The message with which he complimented the image was “Let it go … and surrender to the” what if …?

A few days ago Elizabeth and William celebrated the birthday of their daughter Kailey, who is becoming a sensation on social networks for her spontaneity in front of the cameras.