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Wearing boots with suit is the key to look cool and so the look is worn

Can you wear boots with suit? Not only can it, but it should be done and it’s something that better-dressed men and some iconic rockstars have used to look cool since the ’60s.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones maybe they weren’t best friends (though they weren’t enemies either), but they had a lot in common. Both bands left England, and both bands also became icons of men’s fashion thanks to their style. Each had different looks, but the two came to wear the look of boots with suit, which is something that is still imitated today.

We can see characters like Shawn Mendez and Harry Styles finishing their outfits with boots to create looks that are cooler, riskier and fun, and more recently was Justin Bieber which showed that not only does it work with suits, if you find the right boots, you can also wear them with a tuxedo, as a small act of rebellion that will not make you look bad at a gala event.

For some weird reason, many men never think about pairing suits with boots, perhaps thinking that their degrees of formality are incompatible, but the “joke” of fashion is that you can be as creative as you raved and there really are very few things that are forbidden. The important thing is to use what makes you feel good and trust you, and if that’s a couple of Chelsea Boots or Brogue boots, so be it.

Sure, there aren’t many rules, but if you want to look better with whatever you wear, then there are some rules, or rather tips, that you should keep in mind.

How to wear boots with suit? Justin Bieber, The Beatles, Harry Styles and the Rolling Stones show it

Take into account the style of the suit and boots

Justin Bieber wears boots with smoking

© Hollywood To You/Star Max

Not all boots go well with suits (you definitely shouldn’t wear a worker or lumberjack) Preferably you should wear styles of boots that are more elegant, such as the Chelsea or Classic Brogue they look like leaky dress shoes.

But not only that, you must also take care of the style of the suit. If you want the look to look more modern then you should go for slim silhouettes, although you can play with wide leg pants like the ones she wears Harry Styles, always taking into account the proportions.

If you are going to wear a tuxedo, then black, classic and minimalist boots are the best option

Take care of the color

Harry Styles plays with color

© Robert Kamau

the black look from head to toe it’s for not failure, but it’s not the only way, you can wear colorful suits and boots that aren’t black, but, for this to work, you need to choose colors that look good together. It is worth combining black and blue, but as a rule, brown or light-toned shoes, such as white, look best with suits that are not black.

It is also about thinking about the tone, choosing the exact color of blue, brown, gray or even white to complement the rest of the outfit. Another good technique is that of choose a shiny material, which allows you to be a little more risky with the color of the shoes.

Go for the retro style

Think of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones and his classic mod style. This carries slim pants and fairer sacks to create an elongated and stylized silhouette that will make you look taller.

The retro style also carries Classic Chelsea boots underneath the pants (you should never, ever let the pants go inside your boots), and you have the options to leave the tie or swap the shirt for a sweater for a beatnik intellectual or poet look.

You have to be creative

You can combine colors that were previously forbidden

mega ©

Finally, playing it safe can be boring, so you have to dare to take risks. how? Knowing the styles and silhouettes that best suits, but playing with textures, colors and patterns to stand out for all the right reasons.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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