Wedding of Margaret Qualley: magnificent bride, guests

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Hollywood style wedding. That is, the one in which famous guests are photographed the most. Maybe even more than the bride and groom. Margaret Qualley He is married Jack Antonoff in New Jersey. In the presence of friends and relatives whom, after all, we also know well.

Who are Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff

Actress maids AND sanctuary (but we also saw her flirting with Brad Pitt V Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood), comes from a family of artists, is actually the daughter of Andie MacDowellunforgettable hero Four weddings and a funeral and sister Rainy Qualley actress and singer (named Rainsford). The groom, on the other hand, is a music producer. Former Lena Dunham and fellow superstars such as Lana del Rey andabove all, Taylor Swift. The two, for example, won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2020. (folklore) and produced together the last, Speak Now (Taylor Version).

IPA_IPA39774519 Margaret Qualley and Rainey Qualley

Margaret Qualley married Taylor Swift music producer Jack Antnoff in front of many famous friends and family. The bride wore two dresses to the wedding. Here are all the details (photo by Ipa)

Guests at Andie MacDowell’s Daughter’s Wedding: From Taylor Swift to Zoë Kravitz

Who was among the stars present at this fabulous wedding. But the couple was also noticed at the celebrations. Zoe Kravitz AND Channing Tatum. But they were there too Cara Delevingne and singer Carly Rae Jepsen (one of call me Maybe). In addition to some star-striped TV presenters.

GettyImages-1389386802 Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley have been together since 2021. Before her, he had a long history with Lena Dunham. However, she was engaged to Shia LaBeouf (photo by Getty)

From Location to Wedding Dress: Margaret Qualley’s Wedding Secrets

Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley got married in the home state of the Bleachers frontman, New Jersey. The ceremony and reception was held at Parker and Bird and Betty’s garage in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island. For the first part of the evening, the actress was dressed in a white satin dress with bare shoulders. At the feet of elegant dancers. Crystal drop earrings and flowing bridal veil. For the second time, the image of the bride has changed thanks to a romantic white mid-length dress with sheer puffy sleeves and a flowing skirt embellished with wide satin stripes. However, Antonoff opted for a classic black and white tuxedo.

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IPA_IPA39774803 Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne

Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne arrive at the wedding of Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff (photo by Ip)

The love story of Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff.

Jack Antonoff, 39, and Margaret Qualley, 28, were first photographed together in August 2021. They exchanged a kiss on the streets of New York while eating ice cream. However, the first exit to the red carpet took place only many months later. In March 2022, they attended the Critics’ Choice Awards. And just a few weeks later, Margaret appeared at the Cannes Film Festival with a huge engagement ring.


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