Wedding Scenes: Today’s Couple on Saturday, August 12, 2023

Anna Tatangelo talks about the couple’s journey to yes day between emotions, anxieties and insecurities.

Saturday dedicated to love this summer 2023. The meeting continues from Scenes from the weddinghistorical program hosted by Davide Mengacci in the past returned with Anna Tatangelo drivingevery week different couples are invited to the wedding to tell their secrets and emotions. Saturday 12 August at 14:10 on Canale 5 and Mediaset Infinity, Scenes from the wedding takes us to Acerra in the province of Naples to tell marriage between Rosa and Pasquale.

Scenes from the wedding: new episode

The main characters of the Saturday 12 August episode Scenes from the weddingprogram created by RTI, conceived by Pesci Combattenti in Gianni Ippoliti format, Rosa and Pasqualetwo young people from Aserra in the province of Naples who decided to show their marriage and tell about it to Anna Tatangelo, the leader and above all the narrator of their love. Rosa and Pasquale they met in 2017 during a day at the beach organized by a group of mutual friends. They had not seen each other before, and fate wanted them to be in the same group. Both work at a school and live in Acerra. Rosa lost her mother when she was 7 and her father died two years ago in July 2021. Rosa and Pasquale they were married in the church of Sant Alfonso Maria dei Liguori, surrounded by the love of 150 guests who celebrated in the villa.

program formula

Program Scenes from the wedding takes the name of Bergman’s famous film/miniseries recently adapted by HBO with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. The task of the cameras of the program is to tell the wedding from beginning to end, from preparation to the party after “yes”, as in today’s case. Rosa and Pasquale. In addition to the two main characters, the show will also follow their families through the most emotional moments that separate them from the altar.

history of the territory

Anna Tatangelo tells the love stories of the main characters, tracing the highlights that led them to decide to unite in sacred bonds, and the testimonies of people’s close spouses make each love story even more special. However, each episode will also give viewers the opportunity to discover the habits, customs and traditions specific to the families of the protagonists, who belong to different social classes and regions of Italy, Campaign in the case of today’s couple.

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