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wednesday 2Between the previews and the mysteries to solve:

Tim Burton Directing and Jenna Ortega Superstar. After the stupendous success of the first season – which made it one of Netflix’s most watched titles ever 341 million views – The countdown has started now wednesday 2The highly anticipated sequel to the series starring the “terrible” girl with the pigtails.

The streaming giant, after officially confirming it will have a (much-discounted) second season tudum — a Netflix event for fans held in Brazil last June 18 — directly through the words of Jenna Ortega and her set colleagues Joy Sunday, Hunter Doohan and Emma Myers, delving into and speculating some details about The Wednesday 2 Went. The bombshell announcement stuns everyone: the arrival of another member of the addams family, who will be? In this article we will try to visualize it.

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wednesday 2plot

“We have decided to go more towards horror, we will get rid of any romantic aspect, will be Vampires, werewolves and characters with superpowersJenny Ortega told Variety. One precise question is answered: what will happen in the second season of wednesday 2, It’s still too early to have an official synopsis of the series at this point, but thanks to some advances, we can already start to determine some points.

It was always Ortega who outlined other aspects during a TV interview with Jimmy Fallon: “We wish Wednesday would get out of the romantic situation, just let her be herself, Personally I want you to get more into things and not play it safe. I guess I’d rather Wednesday continue to follow an anti-hero than one of the classic heroes.

The actress – who will also be an executive producer on the sequel – added: “A character like Wednesday It made me come out of my shell. Sometimes people don’t take you seriously in this industry just because you’re a woman. You become a puppet, and the most beautiful experiences I’ve had and the ones I’m most proud of have always been the ones where everyone’s voice was heard.

Vlad Cioplay / Netflix

jena ortega is wednesday

In addition to the darker twist announced by Nayak (who will also be the sequel’s executive producer), screenwriter Alfred Goff And miles miller Little did they say: “Wednesday’s zigzag journey will continue – they declared to Variety – we can’t wait to explore the spooky and whimsical world of Nevermore, we just have to make sure she hits the pool first.” The series tells the story of a girl who sees the world in black and white, who is forced to learn that there are shades of gray. Every relationship, every friendship is complicated for other reasons. Maybe. It’s never a smooth-water trip. And Wednesday will have to learn to navigate the ups and downs of friendship. Her relationship with her mother Morticia will also be essential to the show, and the idea that Wednesday is the family’s Trying to make your way out is important.

especially colorful also anticipate that luis guzman — who plays Gomez Addams in the series — released to ScreenRant: “There would be a scene where I’m going to dance, one where I’m going to have a sword fight. And there was another sequence … I can’t remember what that was, but yes, I’ll be back for season 2.”

wednesday 2the cast

After watching the first season, many fans also complained that we didn’t see much of the rest of the Addams family. The makers of the show have made sure that from Wednesday 2 things will change, starting with the family. Besides the aforementioned Ortega and Guzmán, pretty much confirmed in the cast, they are Catherine Zeta Jones In the iconic role of Morticia, Isaac Ordonez in the guise of pugsley and Fred Armisen In Uncle Fester. But as we wrote above, the family will increase.

Vlad Cioplay / Netflix

From left: Luis Guzmán (Gomez), Catherine Zeta Jones (Morticia) and Isaac Ordóñez (Pugsley)

wednesday 2Who is the next member of the Addams Family coming?

Who Will Be The Next Addams Family Member? In this regard, Jenna Ortega said in a Netflix video that she hopes it is cousin it, who has become one of the Addams Family’s most beloved and iconic characters, is characterized by a thick mane of straw-colored hair. is also highly anticipated by the public Grandma Addams Which may appear in the story after the hero returns home. the candidate has a sister in his/her character, or great aunt slum (Already appeared in the 2019 animated version). However, fans didn’t stop there as well, hypothesizing the arrival of a descendant of Lady Fingers, or Mano’s better half, or Goody Adams,

wednesday 2When does it come out?

release date of wednesday 2 It is still unknown. Since the second season was only confirmed at the beginning of the year, the pre-production phase is still underway. In fact, it’s rare in Netflix history that two different seasons are released a few months apart, also to “inspire” expanded subscriptions on the platform. in all likelihood wednesday 2 will probably come in first month of 2024,

Vlad Cioplay / Netflix

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