Wednesday, 2nd, farewell to your favorite actor: he will not be in the cast

“Wednesday 2” will happen, but what’s surprising is the cast’s turnaround, with a farewell to one of the main figures.

The series that was told again addams family stories will soon return to Netflix, but the cast won’t be exactly the same, and the news leaves fans who were imagining a stylish return speechless.

Not a very clear solution, especially for a trend in history that will somehow undergo a reversal.

Wednesday 2nd: line-up change, big absence

This sensational news was reported by the Daily Mail, which reported how Percy Hunes White will not be included in the next series of the Netflix show. A decision that has less to do with his career and more to do with what could have happened.

Returns on Wednesday 2nd, but the cast is changing/photo from Instagram @Percy (

According to local newspapers, this was nine months ago. Accused of assault by woman in Toronto during the party. The young 22-year-old feels his image has been tarnished in this way. The school student will not be there on Wednesday; even sources close to the actor would confirm the news, but the actor has not yet directly commented, in particular, on the reasons for this choice.

Career is on the rise for White, who Not only is he nominated for an Emmy, but he has also worked on The Twilight Zone and The Gifted. The allegations were posted anonymously by a user on January 18 and were later deleted, but from then on a halo fell on him. We are talking about sexual harassment, so very serious charges. According to what the woman said online, the actor’s intention was to seduce young women after drinking large amounts of alcohol with them.

Despite all the rumors no formal charges were brought and in any case, at the moment Netflix has not confirmed this news, which is now taken for granted by the local media. White initially denied the allegations, as did his family. done just to discredit him and that there is no real basis for continuing the proceedings. Obviously, this is a blow that also affected his family.

Also Jenna Ortega expressed closeness to the actor since, as they said, they had been together in the same apartment for a long time. The two lived in the same house, and so he repeated that this was absolutely not consistent with the behavior of Percy Hines.

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