Wednesday 9 (21:30) Inside Out screenings at Parco Ausa begin.

Il Cinema nei Castelli, a film festival organized by the Cultural Institutes – Performing Arts, San Marino Cinema Section in collaboration with Giunte Di Castello, will end its tour of the Republic at the Serravalle Castle.

In fact, on Wednesday 9 (9.30 pm) at the Parco Ausa, Inside out screenings begin: (Oscar, Golden Globe, David di Donatello, BAFTA, Critics Choice Awards and American Institute Film Awards winner), Pixar is back. to its best moments: directed, perhaps unsurprisingly, by Pete Docter, who signed two masterpieces such as Up and Monsters & Company. The structure is classic for travel, common to all the tales of this production company, and the moral is almost didactic. Five emotions interact inside the little girl (Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust); but when you have to move and get into adolescence, the balance is thrown off, Joy disappears, and you have to look for her. This is an allegory procedure in which emotions, vices and virtues are personified without intermediaries. It is based on the connection between emotions and memory, the idea that the basis of the Self and its transformations is the ability to remake one’s past. film: a flurry of intuitions that are both narrative, visual and conceptual. embodies the voices within with a radicalism that impresses and touches.

Thursday, August 10, another award-winning film: The Shape of Water by Guillermo Del Toro (The film received 13 nominations and won 4 Oscars, The film was awarded at the Venice Film Festival, 5 nominations and won 2 Golden Globes, 12 3 BAFTA nomination and win, 14 nominations and win, 4 Critics Choice Awards, 2 SAG nominations, 1 Writers Guild Award nomination, CDG award, Producers Guild award, AFI Awards) . Plot: Eliza, a young mute woman, works in a science lab in Baltimore, where the Americans are fighting the Cold War. While working as a cleaner, Eliza forms a deep friendship with Zelda, an African-American co-worker who fights for her rights in marriage and society, and Giles, a homosexual neighbor who is discriminated against at work. A few hopeful-looking monsters in the world, they discover that an amphibian creature with great intelligence and sensitivity (survival) lives in a laboratory in captivity. To reveal them, Eliza. Sentenced to silence and solitude, she falls in love with this secret that can live between water and air. But soon their feelings will have to face a hostile hierarchy, the embodiment of which is the despotic Strickland. In full swing against the Russians, the United States spares no means and cruelty. To guarantee himself and his country a stellar future, Strickland is determined to do everything.

Friday 11 August Cetto Undoubtedly here: Antonio Albanese brings one of his most successful characters to the big screen for the third time and completes the trilogy written with Piero Guerrera and directed by Giulio Manfredonia, in which Cetto is the protagonist. Now Cetto la Whatever left politics and Italy to move happily to Germany, where he opened a chain of restaurants and pizzerias and found a beautiful German wife who bore him a daughter. But when his aunt, his mother’s sister, who raised him, calls him to her bed, Cetto returns to Calabria, precisely in Marina di Sopra, where his son Melo is now the mayor. His aunt wants to tell him a secret: Chetto is not the son of a bleach merchant, as he always believed, but the natural heir of Prince Luigi Buffo of Calabria. So he decides to stay in the South and enjoy the privileges of being an “absolutist” sovereign with the support of a leopard aristocrat. But not “everything” is rosy, and even Chetto’s relationship with his wife and son will be in jeopardy.

On Saturday, August 12, the review will conclude with Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Twenty-six years after the cartoon that first broke the barrier of a Best Picture Oscar nomination, Disney returns to those enchanting places: the French village of Belle and the enchanted castle of the Beast, where a clock, a candelabra, a teapot and his cup, little Chicco, spend their existence the victim of a spell, hoping that the last petal of the rose does not fall prematurely or they never become human again. Gorgeous CGI work that makes the story interesting for everyone.


In case of bad weather, the show is cancelled.

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