“Wednesday”: Cast Reveals Arrival of Another Addams Family Member in Season 2

news is coming in the second season of Wednesday, in the last few days Jenna Ortega had revealed that the new episodes will be more horror and less focused on romance, and now there’s another interesting update.

in season 2 of Wednesday we’ll see another member of the addams familywhich will be added to those already seen in the first starting naturally from the protagonist Wednesday Played by Jenna Ortega.

The cast of the series revealed this in a Video shared in event Tudum 2023In which he also discussed some other fan theories about the show.

However, the actors haven’t revealed who it is because they don’t know. as explained by the interpreter enid sinclair, Emma Myers,Wednesday 2 Is In The Works And The Plot Is So Secretive We Don’t Know How It’ll Play Out,

Jenna Ortega, who won a mtv movie and tv awards 2023said he would like it to be cousin itWhereas happy sunday ,Bianca Barclay in series) e hunter dohan ,Tyler Galpin) would like to see Grandma Addams,

We’ll just have to wait for the second season, or maybe some new previews, to find out who it will be.

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