“Week of hospital regimen”. The star of the series Serf was injured on the set

Taras Tsymbalyuk (Photo: instagram.com/taras.tsymbaliuk)

The popular Ukrainian actor Taras Tsymbalyuk shared unpleasant news with his fans on his Instagram page.

The star of the series Serf and the film Black Raven said that he was seriously injured while filming a fight scene.

Tsymbalyuk broke his nose and now he has to be hospitalized for at least a week. According to the actor, his partner ” did not calculate the flight path of the hand.”

“Film experiences are very different. And I thank the profession that continues to acquaint me with life. Actors live dozens of lives of their characters, mastering skills. For example, for the Serf, I went to the smithy and learned how to make horseshoes and nails myself. For filming Janissary, Vorona – fenced and learned to ride. All this is really interesting and is a key component of my love for the profession. But yesterday I realized that cinema can also bring me back to the past, where I can remember youthful fights. We were filming a fight that I thought we honed. But it so happened that my partner did not calculate the trajectory of the flight of his hand, he also slipped a little and hit me in the nose. Immediately a pool of blood, finished in half the day of shooting and as a result: a closed fracture of the bones of the nose, also stitched, because I also have a dissection. “, – said Taras.

 Tsymbalyuk also noted that he needs to carefully monitor the injury in order to avoid unwanted consequences. “Now I have at least a week of hospital treatment. Since there is no displacement of the bone, you need to carefully monitor the nose so that it grows together. Five drugs were prescribed. The producers of the projects in which I am involved, of course, are not very pleased, because a couple of weeks were scheduled seven days a week, but life has made its own adjustments. Moreover, not a single actor is immune from such situations. But, of course, this experience should be included in the piggy bank and the right conclusions should be drawn, “the artist wrote.

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