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After claiming that he “killed The Weeknd,” the alter ego he always released music with, and driving through Italy on a couple of happy dates, Abel Tesfaye makes another peremptory statement: no more shows.

The announcement comes in light of the pop star’s recent European tour stoppage ahead of a performance of the upcoming track. Another one of me which contains his own (the song is said to be credited to Moroccan rapper French Montana, but this is not yet known). “This will be my last job, unless I Daft Punk don’t dare to be together again.”

The Weeknd and the Parisian duo are known to have collaborated on a couple of songs in the past. starboy – title track e I feel the approach with their participation the following year in a special performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Speaking about the famous record industry award, the singer has stated in the recent past that he no longer wants to nominate his music and this is due to the lack of a nomination. Non-working hours in 2021. So did another streaming giant, Drake.

In his career Abel Tesfaye / Weekend appeared in many songs such as selected artists. From the compatriot and mentioned above Drake (Crew love) To Wiz Khalifafrom Ariana Grande To Kavinsky, Travis Scott, Lana Del Rey and not only.

The pop star recently celebrated 100 million listeners per month on Spotify and published a soundtrack associated with Idol, a series in which he appears as a co-protagonist and co-creator. Between songs Popular, a single that sees two exploits. level, Playboy Carty AND Madonna.

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