Weekend TV Shows: “Wilderness,” “Gold” and “The Morning Show 3”

Wilderness – Out of Control (Amazon Prime Video)

When the holiday of a lifetime comes at the wrong time. Will and Liv go on a trip to the United States. from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon via Yosemite and then Las Vegas: places she’s dreamed of visiting since she was a child. There’s just one unexpected thing: Liv just discovered that Will cheated on her… so what? that same journey among the forces of naturewhich is Will’s way of making amends, becomes Liv’s opportunity to get revenge. Wildlife – out of control, which launches today on Amazon, is based on the novel of the same name by B.E. Jones. They are the main characters Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-CohenTaylor Swift wrote the opening credits song.

Gold (Paramount+)

Almost 40 years have passed since the Brinks-Mat robbery. one of the most legendary robberies in history. On November 26, 1983, £26 million of gold bullion, diamonds and cash were stolen from a warehouse near Heathrow Airport: at today’s exchange rates it will be more than 93 million (at that time it was the largest theft in history). British series in six episodes Gold, produced by the BBC and yesterday also in Italy on Paramount+, reconstructs the whole story. Let’s start from the beginning, that is, from the moment when six men with their faces covered by balaclavas enter a warehouse; they think they’ll find a million pounds in cash, but instead they often walk away with £26 million worth of bullion and diamonds. From here begins a story of cops and robbers that branches out in several directions: the “bad guys” split up and try to cash in on their loot, and the “good guys” try to follow the trail left by money. Gold it is signed by Neil Forsyth (Guilt), starring Hugh Bonneville, Charlotte Spencer, Jack Lowden and Tom Cullen.

The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

The main news of the third season Morning show it is, of course, him: His Majesty Jon Hamm, already legendary for his role as Don Draper in Mad Men and here in the role of a businessman with a dark past. This is the story of Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), who, after a sex scandal involving Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), finds herself day after day leading America’s most popular morning show with up-and-coming Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). Morning show he manages to talk about current events and at the same time take the viewer behind the scenes of the program, between friendship, rivalry and betrayal. Besides Hamm, Aniston and Witherspoon – both already confirmed for the fourth season – The star cast includes Julianna Mergulis (formerly Alicia Florrick in Good wife) and Italian Valeria Golino.

Another Black Girl (Disney+)

From the shine of the TV to the dusty pages of books. Taken from a memoir of the same name published a couple of years ago: Another black girlThe action takes place at Wagner Books in New York, where Nella Rogers is the only black employee. Until a new co-worker, Hazel, the “another black girl” of the title, comes along and causes confusion. From here, what could have been friendship becomes something else; and what initially appears to be workplace drama takes a much more sinister turn. Another black girl born from experience Zakiyah Delilah HarrisPenguin Random House’s only black editor, co-authoring a book and series with Rashida Jones (Office, Parks and Recreation). Starring Sinclair Daniel and Ashleigh Murray.

A Thousand Lives by Bernard Tapie (Netflix)

Singer and theater and film actor, parliamentarian and minister, founder of a cycling team, owner of Adidas and President of Marseille, whom he led to the top of European football. Bernard Tapie, who rose to the stars and then fell into dust after being convicted of corruption, was many things at once. Miniseries of seven episodes The Thousand Lives of Bernard Tapieavailable for a few days on Netflix, remodels a parable about one of the most discussed French figures in modern history. Laurent Lafitte in the title role.

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