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WEEKLY REPORT – 5 Outstanding Cryptocurrencies – Crypto Trends

The truth is that specialists are those who follow the movements of cryptocurrencies that are not the best known but that have risen significantly and promise to be a good option to invest.

Last week we told you about 5 cryptocurrencies with potential that could outperform BTC and ETH.

While both Bitcoin What Ethereum They have been predicted by specialists such as Altcoins that could reach USD 100k in a matter of months, there are others that appear almost out of nowhere and in some cases rise in value up to 400% in a month.

Trader Austin Arnold in a video mention 5 cryptocurrencies which are the ones that he feels have growth potential in the next month of September and clarifies that he expresses it based on fundamentals, while showing the graphs of the same, he mentions Tezos (XTZ), VeChain (VET), Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM) and Cardano (ADA).

Tezos (XTZ)

The trader mentions the adoption of XTZ by 3 financial companies such as Crypto Finance Group, InCore Bank and Inacta that They have chosen to adopt Tezos “because its on-chain governance allows upgrades without disrupting or dividing the network.”

“So it looks like they are creating their own little niche – a Tezos token standard to specifically work with bodies and financial institutions that need some kind of compliance.”

VeChain (VET),

In this case Arnold argues his theory that VET increase in value in September because the blockchain has committed a million dollars to fund the development of its own market for non-fungible tokens (NFT), drives mass adoption of NFT technologies, and as such, the best way to facilitate this adoption is to develop and support a vibrant NFT ecosystem using the VeChainThor platform. ”

Ethereum (ETH)

In the case of ETH the trader claims that six large companies such as Kraken and decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) Uniswap, The Graph, Compound, Lido and Synthetix, they have donated among all USD 1.5 million to support Ethereum’s upcoming “2.0” update efforts and says:

“And the reason this is important to you is because this is showing us that the entire crypto asset ecosystem, or at least many, many key players, are donating money and resources to support the success of this major ETH upgrade.” .

Cardano (ADA)

Arnold is not the only one who gives an optimistic opinion on the ADA, other experts such as Samir Kerbage also pointed to it as promising. About Cardano, Austin Arnold focuses on what The network’s prominent community will grow even further following Japan’s official announcement that Cardano will be listed in the East Asian country on August 25.

“First of all, although Cardano obviously has a much smaller market capitalization than [Bitcoin y Ethereum], its actual volume on the network is very similar to that of the other two. That’s a good sign… ”, he also said, citing the upgrade that will enable smart contracts in ADA as a catalyst for a new price rise.

Bitcoin (BTC)

In his video Arnold notes that the integration of Bitcoin with Cosmos could drive BTC up in value while also bringing BTC into the universe of DeFi, NFT and others.

“Bitcoin comes to the Cosmos network through interBTC, a DeFi platform that allows Bitcoin users to invest, earn and pay with their BTC on any blockchain. The latest award of the Cosmos network by the Interchain Foundation (ICF) to Interlay, the creator of interBTC, marks the first step in this transition, ”according to Arnold.

As editor of this article, I convey my personal interpretation of the opinion of Austin Arnold and does not necessarily represent the views of Cryptotrends.com The decision to invest should be based on the investor’s own research and consideration.

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