Weight Loss: Nettle Infusion | Weight Loss Infusion Reduces Fat and Fights Cellulite

Superfoods and weight loss infusions have recently emerged as the ideal supplement to boost our goals after getting back in shape and eliminating excess fat over the summer. Not everyone knows that both should be taken as a supplement to a rich and varied diet and combined with a week of physical activity.

We must remember that this false belief that a magic diet exists will only lead to frustration and systemic mistakes every time we seek to lose weight and lose weight. To achieve these goals, you must follow a weekly menu rich in various nutrients and natural ingredients and, above all, avoid empty calories and ultra-processed foods as well as industrial pastries.

Once these concepts are clear, infusions become an excellent addition to our diet, thanks to their multiple benefits, rich properties and, most importantly, their simplicity in preparation. Their quick preparation allows us to enjoy them at work, at home or anywhere else, since generally we only need one or two ingredients and hot water. In this sense, there are many options to enjoy infusions, but if you are looking for an option that can combat cellulite, then it may be Nettle, the ideal and little-known one.

Nettle tea is a great example of a natural drink full of properties. This is thanks, among other things, to the high nutritional and medicinal value of this plant. First, thanks to its antioxidant compounds. Its high value of flavonoids helps prevent aging by eliminating free radicals and reducing inflammation.

On the other hand, this plant has analgesic properties and is effective in treating lower abdominal pain and stomach cramps. Very useful during periods of heavy menstruation. Additionally, nettle infusion has a bitter taste that helps stimulate salivation and improves digestion. Another property worth highlighting is its drainage effect, as it ensures that stored water is transported out of the cells, which when combined with a healthy, low-calorie diet can help tighten connective tissue.

Finally, nettles have beneficial effects on hair. The leaves and stems of nettle contain a variety of bioactive substances, such as organic acids, hydroxycinnamic acids and other bioactive compounds, which improve circulation in the skin’s capillary system and stimulate the metabolism and processes of hair follicle cells.

How to prepare

First we have to put them in a cloth bag and keep them for twelve hours. After that, the itching will lessen. If you don’t want to wait, you can flatten them with a rolling pin or something and they’ll be useless in a few minutes. They also stop stinging when cooked.

We can prepare hot or cold nettle infusion. By convention, when it’s hot, we use a pyramid to hold each cup of water at a temperature of about 90 degrees. We add the amount of nettles. We let it rest for a while and then eat it.

It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to exceed its consumption. It is not recommended to exceed 250ml per day.

Please remember that this is general information and is not intended to replace professional advice under any circumstances.

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