Welcome to Derry | What IT fans want to see in the prequel series

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Welcome to Derry is the new series announced by HBO that will tell about the universe It before the intervention of the Losers Club. Here’s what we expect to see on this show.

A few days ago HBO extension he stated that he has plans Welcome to Derrya prequel to It. It will be one TV series and for the moment we don’t know the cast and we don’t know if Bill Skarsgard will reprise the role of the evil clown. There is still no information on its development or release date, but fans already know what they would like to see in this new show.

Dick Hallorann and The Black Spot

In the book, Stephen King he says that many years ago in Derry there was a local reserved exclusively for African American community of the town, the The Black Spot. The bar, however, was burned down in a racist attack and never rebuilt.

He was there that day too Dick Hallorann, who worked as a chef in the army. If you’re a fan of the writer, you know that Dick Halloran is also the chef at the Overlook hotel in Shiningwho helps and warns little Danny, explaining that he has seen supernatural creatures before.

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The first form of It

In the book and in the films it is clearly stated that the one of the clown it’s just a form that It borrows, but it’s not his true appearance. Stephen King admitted with Yahoo! Movies that he chose clowns because “they are scary“. But were clowns scary even to children several generations ago? When decided It that he would become a clown? In fact, when the Losers’ Club examines the photos, they discover that the monster has had the same clown form for at least a century.

It and the fight against Native Americans

In the second chapter of the saga, Mike explains that the tribe of Shokopiwah they had rare contacts with the monster, but who managed to imprison him for so many years thanks to the Chud ritual, the same one they also complete at the end of their adventure, as adults. Seeing the native tribe fight against It and manage to defeat it would surely be thrilling and very interesting.

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The ancestors of the Losers Club

Everyone knows that It is only seen and felt by children and adults tend to forget about it, whether they leave Derry or not, just like the protagonists do. In the book, Dick Hallorann says he failed to save Mike’s father against the monster and therefore it is assumed that as a child he was part of a older generation of the Losers Club. It would be fascinating to see the parents of the characters, as children, fight against the monster: can you imagine Stan’s mother?

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