Well the Rabbit and Pinocchio into the sea, we are the future People


Jojo The Rabbit Pinocchio to go together to the cinema. This happens at the Ischia Global festival, where they met and became friends with the two younger actors, one of the most famous in the international music scene: the English Roman Griffin And Davis, (the little boy in the hitler youth, and in the dark, in the history of Taika Waititi, the film will no longer be seen nowadays in the Italian movie theatres), and Justin Ielapibeautiful Pinocchio Garrone. “We will go together to see the movie, so that might explain it,” says One ten-year-old, three days ago. “Of course I know the story of Pinocchio! Do you really have to do up to four hours a day? The make-up is really, really annoying to the eyes widen, the thirteen-year-old son-of-the-art. The father is a great director of photography Ben Davis, the mother, Camille Griffin. “We have to work together, he is the director of “Silent Night,” with Keira Knightley,” says the blonde-haired british man excited by his Italian vacation. “I was in Sicily, italy, Ischia is a wonderful thing.”
In the original, the game is also a game, but in the interview that they are professional. “What is the most fun I can remember on the set from Jojo the Bunny? It was, of course, is a goal of the War, it doesn’t happen every day truly is a gift!”. Justin asks him for news of their idol Leonardo DiCaprio. Roman knows very well, that you have even had dinner with him at the Golden globes, where they were together nominated in the category of outstanding lead actor in a comedy film. “It’s great, and the Titanic is the movie that I really love, and I hope that sooner or later they always come back to this story, because I want to be in the cast,” he said at the time, Frederick. The roman in the movie, he is the son of Scarlett Johansson, my favorite actress, an icon. The Italian talks about the good, Proietti, and laughter that is the fact that the “falling of the chair with her legs up in the air, because it is in Italy, I actually had to put me in fear, and slammed his fist on the table”. The two young boys delight in the festival to talk about the future of the forum for the young people of the 18 edition of the Global Film & music festival is a true celebration of recovery and a positive attitude. “I love to act, even in my room, with my mother. I didn’t expect, however, to be able to make it into a movie as Well Rabbit. I just had to go ahead and get the 18 in the audience, which is pretty much just a school.” Even the young ones Ielapi, you see, as an actor and declaims in a serious tone, “I Hope to one day be able to say, “I did it”. We are going to see it at the cinema, in the ‘Cursed spring’, directed by Elisa Amoruso, “I am the son of Micaela Ramazzotti”. Then, they talk about their movie tastes. “Star Wars: Clone Wars. I love every single character. I would love to Sub it was my uncle’s. And, then, the united states,” says Roman. “Checco Zalone, a great comedian, it’s the first movie I’ve ever vi., And then I had to work with him. When I first met him Garrone, and I’ve had it for 5 years of my career! An honor to be directed by him. How do I chose? Asking me not to recite the words from memory, and improvising. And, luckily, they liked it”.


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