Wellness Tourism: putting mind, body and emotions in balance

Reset the mind, recalibrate emotions, restore vitality to the body, heal. Wellness Tourism has been a growing trend for years and now, with the pandemic, it is gaining even more space among the experiences sought. An invitation to reunite with oneself.

According to a study conducted by, a 78% of the people surveyed from Argentina affirmed that travel contributes to their mental and emotional well-being much more than any other form of relaxation or rest. Thus, in 2022, going on vacation is going to become the ideal form of self-care, rather than exercising daily or meditating. “After more than a year of constantly changing restrictions, the health and wellness benefits of travel are now recognized. 65% said they didn’t realize the importance of this until it was no longer an option. And a 84% said having a planned vacation has a positive impact on their emotional well-being, “the report adds.

Although “wellness”, in a broad sense, is related to a varied set of experiences and may even be redundant from the concept of travel itself, Wellness Tourism is usually associated more specifically with proposals such as hot springs.

“To size globally, the wellness tourism business was worth more than $ 6 trillion before the pandemic according to data from the International and Global Spa & Wellness Summit. In Argentina, we were referring to a market of more than two million people. The wellness tourism map is anchored in the offer of thermal tourism with a map that covers more than 400 hot springs in 20 provinces of the country; being the province of Entre Ríos the one with the largest number of centers and the highlight of Termas de Rio Hondo, which can undoubtedly present the certainty of a thermal city, “he explains to BAE Negocios. Jordi Busquets, FEHGRA advisor (Gastronomic Hotel Business Federation of the Argentine Republic). As he comments, as this aspect was gaining participation in the local tourist gondola, the Federation tried to bring more knowledge and international quality standards from the strategic alliance with TERMATALIA and in a special way so that the concept would have a better look at tourism thermal that was closely associated with the third age. “In recent years in the world the comprehensive care of people has been a global trend, that is, spirituality, health, aesthetics, nutrition and the practice of sports have motivated the offer to generate experiences of high added value in the country “, adds and mentions the incorporation of attractions such as a spa and healthy menu, among others.

In search of a destination

More than half (52%) of Argentines are planning a trip to relax and get away from it all, according to a study by Consulted about local destinations linked to well-being, the province of Córdoba was highlighted from the platform. “For decades, the climate of the mountains has been recommended for people who suffer from respiratory diseases. Today, the province continues to be a chosen destination for those seeking wellness trips, where to relax, connect with oneself and with the nature. Different towns have accommodations that offer their guests a different getaway with activities focused on renewing energy such as yoga, meditation and other outdoor activities. In addition, they offer various spa treatments and focus on giving their guests a healthy diet based on fresh and organic products, “they point out and mention spaces such as Posada Las Dalias and Posada del Qenti.

Among the thermal water proposals they suggest: Copahue hot springs in Neuquén (Of volcanic origin, they have five thermal lagoons, personalized health and beauty programs, fumaroles and hot tubs. In Mapuche it means “place of sulfur” and it was the Pehuenche Indians who discovered that the emanations from the soil had properties), Termas del Jordán in Jujuy (Beautiful and little known. They are at an average height of 1000 meters above sea level and located in the town of San Francisco. Due to the large amounts of sulfur and minerals in the waters that reach 30 ° degrees, the pure greenish blue contrasts with the tones of the yunga vegetation that surrounds it), Serrezuela, Córdoba (25 km from this town of Cruz from the Eje, there are the Termas de Quicho, an oasis in the middle of a desert of guadales and cacti), Fiambalá in Catamarca (There are 14 natural stone pools with temperatures that start at 28 ° C and can reach more than 50 ° C) and Cacheuta in Mendoza (In the foothills, less than an hour by car from the city. More than ten pools lined with stones and surrounded by green. They are natural waters and come from the thaw. There are different hydrotherapies).

After the passage of the Covid, the priorities changed. Paula Cristi, General Manager of Despegar por Argentina y Uruguay, maintains: “From the pandemic, The trend among Argentines grew to prefer outdoor trips, which prioritize well-being and contact with nature. Our country, which has just been recognized as “South America’s leading destination” in the World Travel Awards, is full of landscapes that are the perfect setting to relax and recharge. “

Bariloche, Iguazú, Ushuaia and Mendoza top the ranking of the most sought after national destinations. Despegar offers packages with accommodations that are designed as relaxation spaces, where the spa service and the views of the natural landscapes convey relaxation and well-being to the traveler. There are, for example, 7-day packages to Iguazú ($ 66,000), Ushuaia ($ 146,000) and Termas de Río Hondo ($ 131,000 with half board).

With the focus on well-being, proposals can be obtained for different customer profiles depending on the budget. “Somehow the confinement generated a tendency to seek relaxation destinations, more connected with nature and in that, luxury hotels had a lot to offer“, says Frederic Ribault, Area Manager Luxe Accor Chile, Argentina and Peru. Outside of Buenos Aires, Sofitel La Reserva Cardales mentions with all its natural surroundings. Abroad, Ile de Pipa Mgallery in Brazil, among others.

Not everything is spa or hot springs, there are also less conventional experiences that are comforting and healing. Among them, Tulips fields in Trevelín, Chubut, which amazed dozens of tourists during the month of October and can be visited until this first week of November. Twenty-seven varieties spread out in colorful rows. A local charm that spread by word of mouth. Stroll among the flowers at the foot of the mountain range, do yoga and even plant the lectern To immortalize the beauty of the landscape with the brush are some of the unforgettable activities.

A country full of options to indulge in contemplation, de-stress and regain energy.

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